Spinning Around in Circles

I’m spinning around in circles and whenever I feel like I’m going somewhere I fall back down and it starts all over again. This sentence was taken from my high school self, and I just thought of it again today. This applies to more than one area and more than one aspect of my life. First, my desire to think positive and not let the world get me down. Second, the direction my life is going. Spinning

Being positive right now is a very complicated task for me. I can handle my struggles of being an entrepreneur pretty well because I have no doubt that it’s my destiny to go down that road. I can handle the fact that I have pain in my stomach and frequent headaches. I will find a way to conquer that. I’ve handled the fact that we haven’t had money to put into savings in a really long time. What I can’t handle is the healthcare bills that are going to hold us back (possibly a year) from getting to a place where we can say were doing financially well. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet, but my husband had stomach issues too. He had to have a really expensive test and now we have to pay a good chunk of his healthcare deductible along with my whole deductible. Plus there’s money going into my business and not yet coming out. I feel like my life is operating in circles with a constant struggle of pushing forward, and then being pulled forcefully backward.

I find myself feeling all the same emotions I did two years ago. I have to force myself not to blame myself for all our financial hardships. I have to stop myself from blaming my parents for not raising me better, understanding my sensitivity, or noticing how lost and alone I felt in this world for so many years. I sometimes feel like I’m living a life I’ve already lived. It’s weird because I felt that way when I went to college — I could sense all the struggles and stress I would face and it felt like I had already done it. I experienced it emotionally in some way before it had even happened. It’s really hard to explain.

I know being stressed won’t help me. I know dwelling on the past won’t help me. I know the only thing I can do is keep on working hard and staying motivated. I just think for most people that’s easier because it’s not the story of their life. It is the story of my life: a constant battle to succeed, feeling like I’m moving forward, something catastrophic happens, and I’m right back where I started. I know there’s people who have it worse and I try to remember that. I just only know what it feels like to be me.

I read in this book that your either happy or your not. There is not sort of, some days I am, some days I’m not. Your either happy or your miserable. I guess that makes sense, but I don’t want to believe it. If we accept this as the truth I’m not certain if I’ve ever been really happy for more than a few months at a time (if even that) since I was like 5. But, honestly I can’t be certain. I’m not sure I like this theory because it makes me think “Why try then?” I think a lot of people see me as happy because I make an effort to be. I enjoy my weekends and time spent with my husband and friends.

I know I wrote a post recently on being positive so I’m supposed to be in a really positive place, but I don’t want to sugarcoat the way I’m feeling, and when I pretend I start to feel guilty about it after awhile. You have to know that things have gone wrong that I’ve accepted and turned back to a positive view, and then more things have gone wrong, but I still chose to be positive, and then again more things have gone wrong and now I’m just trying to stay afloat. I know life is suppose to teach us lessons and bad things usually happen for a reason. So, if the reason is to turn me into a stronger person I think that’s probably happening. I’ve learned to be positive in a lot of extremely difficult situations. If some people only knew how hard my life has been + how sensitive I am + how hard things were for me just in the last couple months they might wonder how I manage to get out of bed in the morning. Of course, there are people who deal with a lot worse.

My birthday is coming. Every year on my birthday for about the last 6 years I contemplate if I’m at the point I want to be in my life for turning that age. I’ve always had goals for myself and they haven’t been anything outrageous. Well around this time last year was when my hours were cut at my part time job that I was going to keep while I went into business for myself. I knew then my job would end. I cried on my birthday because I felt like I wasn’t where I wanted to be for turning another year older. This year I’m not where I want to be in my life, but at least I have my own business like I wanted since I was in college. This year my only goal is to not cry on my birthday. So I coaxed my husband into buying me tickets for this awesome show because I get really happy whenever I get to do something new and exciting. And I’m waiting to do my crazy diet plan that might cure my stomach issues. I think I can manage not to cry.

I sometimes just still feel like a lost kid trying to navigate her way through a big scary world. Except, I’m so much smarter then people realize. I consider myself wiser than a lot of people twice my age. Because I’m an introspective, INFJ whose always reading and learning. Because I see the world differently and feel everything deeper.

I feel like crying right now not out of sadness or pain but just the feeling of being completely engulfed in all my emotions and being able to understand them so clearly. I’m sitting in the screen porch with the wind blowing on me and there’s nothing else I would rather do then just keep on typing and writing out everything I’m feeling. But, I think that’s enough for today.


The Secret to Becoming More Positive and Even Happier

I learned something momentous about being positive this last week. Now I’m working to be more positive!

I know that I’m in control of my happiness and I can make the choice to be happy and seek it out, but that hasn’t been enough to keep me positive. I’ve been in a pretty negative place over the last few months due to my health. I got really angry about having health issues mostly because I was in a really happy and positive place before them. I was angry that life circumstances popped my positive and happy vibes, as if there were little bubbles floating around that I had no control over and no way to protect. I’ve never really had any health issue the lasted more than a couple of weeks so I didn’t handle the situation very well — as you might have sensed from my past blogs.

When all the numerous tests I had were basically done, and I was left with a most likely diagnosis, I knew I needed to focus on being more positive and being happier in order to focus on my business. Instead I felt the complete opposite. Instead I was an emotional mess. Then after a really positive networking experience it hit me — I can’t fix myself unless I fix the negative influence in my life. Sadly, my husband was an extremely negative influence on me. He was in a worse place than me. After being angry and having an emotional meltdown, my husband agreed that he needed to start being more positive. He needed to be more positive for himself, as well as for me. I don’t blame him for being a stressed mess because I’ve been just as bad, if not worse, at certain points in my life. However, enough was enough. We weren’t doing ourselves any favors.

I thought back to when I was in a happier place and what I was doing different and it occurred to me that I was reading a lot of positive and motivational books and articles. So I took my husband to the library and found him some audio books focused on being happier and being more positive. A light switch had already been turned on after I confronted him about his negativity. He decided to be more positive, but listening to the audio book has helped even more.book-863418_1280

Some would laugh at the thought of reading self-help books, listening to CD’s on being more positive or anything of that nature. Some would think it’s for the weak. But, I’m telling you, it’s for everyone! Everyone can benefit from it. There comes a point in everyone’s life where they need it. I read about a lady who listens to that type of thing everyday for an hour. Science shows that a good percentage of our thoughts our negative and focused on the past. People are more easily stressed out these days. It actually makes loads of sense to read or listen to something motivational or positive everyday, or even a couple times a week. I’ve read and heard multiple times from so many people that as an entrepreneur I should be reading new books all the time to learn new things. Once I started really diving into reading books again I noticed a change in the way I felt.

Sure with everything my husband and I have been through we have a right to be stressed out and upset, but we needed to choose not to be. We chose not to be, and chose to seek out inspiration. That doesn’t always work too easily, but there’s a book on just about every problem out there. At some point I stopped reading books on a regular basis. I have never been big on reading, but I like books where I learn something. I now notice having a positive or inspirational book to read really had an impact in my life.

I think the best secret to being more positive is reading books. In the past I’ve tried to verbally provide my husband with motivational and positive lessons, and he has given me some himself. It didn’t help enough though. Even doing activities that made me happy didn’t really help. Spending more time with friends didn’t really help. Trying to help others didn’t really help. Seeking out positive reading and gaining a positive husband did. Seeking it out is key — we had to make the choice to seek out positive vibes, not have someone preach it to us. Also, with us both reading positive things there’s double the chance of us leading a more positive life. That way it isn’t always one person trying to bring the other one up, when the other is down, or worse just bringing each other down.

Lesson 1: Seek out motivational and inspirational books, always be reading something, or have something that you can refer to when your in a negative or stressful place.

Lesson 2: Have your significant other read something too, or whomever your living with because you don’t want them to bring you down, when they could be influencing you positively.

🙂 Hope your feeling some positive vibes. I’m not going to let my positive vibes get popped too easily from now on. I know I might fail, but I’m going to keep reading, and keep trying to be happier.

10 Strategies Toward Less Stress

I think I’ve been stressed for the last four years. Anytime I think about where I want to be financially and where I am right now, I feel stressed. It bothers me that studies show the Millennial generation is the most stressed-out generation. There are many articles about it. I often wonder what it would have been like to grow up in my parents generation. They think they understand how my generation and I feel, but they really have no clue. I know the Gen Xers and other generations have a lot of stress too, and I don’t know how they feel, but I imagine it’s quite different. I’ve found the best way to cope with my stressful life is just to focus on how I can survive the future of no job security and live the life I’ve always dreamed.

I’ve become better over the years at handling my stress levels through education, determination, and focusing on the positive things in my life. I know that would be nearly impossible if my husband and I were both unemployed, but weren’t not. We have a lot of positive things going for us, and the ability for me to start my own business is one of them. One thing I try to remind myself is that my stress comes from within, it’s not external factors that are causing me stress, it’s me reacting to those external factors. At this point, I usually take a deep breath and focus on what I need to do to remove the stress. Being stressed is not going to help make a difficult task any easier, or help me to focus on the situation in front of me.

Here are some of the strategies I’ve found helpful in handling stress:

  1. Create task lists of things to do or things to remember (This was helpful when I became overwhelmed at work — with too many things to do in a short period of time.)
  2. Meditation (This could be thinking about a relaxing time from my past, clearing my mind and just listening to my breathing in complete silence, or a quiet walk —  it does help.)
  3. Write down your thoughts (There’s an article that shows it has amazing health benefits, and you don’t even have to write good, you can just scribble down three pages of what your feeling and you’ll feel better. This strategy works great for my husband.)
  4. Share your feelings (Of course! Some people get sick from keeping everything internalized and never vocalizing how they feel. My husband has been known to keep everything in, but over the years he’s become more vocal about it, and I can tell he feels better afterward.)
  5. Read motivational quotes, books, or articles (This has helped me a lot. I have become a more confident and positive person due to the 100’s of articles and quotes I have read, and the few amazing books that have transformed me into a new person.)
  6. Find one activity to look forward to everyday (For me this can simply be a delicious recipe, or baking cookies, a TV show, a walk, an arts/crafts hobby, playing with my cats, spending time with friends, or trying something new and different.)
  7. Reach toward your dreams (I knew that I needed to improve my confidence to live out my dreams. So, I found books and strategies to help me. I felt a sense of new confidence with each book I read.) Just think of one thing that you can do each day, week, or month, to put you a step closer to your dreams, and do it.
  8. Get a pet. (Enough said. You can read my last blog post on how it helps with stress.)
  9. Avoid negative people (Family or not, I’ve found I just need to stay away from people who put me in a negative state of mind. Since I’m highly sensitive, people who are negative have an even stronger effect of my emotions.)
  10. Laugh a lot and smile more (Life is more difficult that I ever expected, but I always try my best to find humor in life situations. I find ways to make my husband laugh, I tell jokes, and I act like a goofy kid once in awhile.)

Recently, my husband has been a bit stressed and my creative way of handling it was telling him that every time I heard him sigh, which was a lot, I better hear a “yippee” after it with some enthusiasm in it. He did, he thought it was pretty funny, it made it hard for him not to smile. Which studies have shown smiling makes you happier. 

I’ve actually created a list of fun activities to do outside of my home, both indoor and outdoor activities, so that I constantly have variety in my life, and never fall into a trap of boredom, or displeasure with life. But, it gets exceptionally tricky in winter where it costs money to do most activities.

Oh and listening to relaxing music that helps too.

Wishing you a life with less stress,

Dear Followers,

Thank you for choosing to follow me! I’m excited for a new year of blog posts and hope to see many likes and comments. I hope you enjoy my writing and I apologize in advance for anything crazy that I say! Just kidding, maybe…

This is a new year for my blog and I’m looking for ways to grow and improve it. Let me know if you have any advice!

Even though I’m unemployed and could really use the added cash I’M STILL EXCITED ABOUT LIFE EVERYDAY! I am working to CREATE THE IDEAL VERSION OF MYSELF EVERYDAY! With everything I read and do I’m growing my skills, learning, and enjoying my time. I’m writing and being creative and those are two things I love to do! All of which will help me financially in the future. I don’t miss my job. I was at the point where I wasn’t learning that much anyway. Their loss!

Dear Employers,
I know I say a lot of the wrong things in interviews – even with practice, but if I can’t write my way into your company then I guess I’m not meant to be there. So instead I will write my own destiny.

I have a ton of entrepreneurial ideas and I have chosen one road to embark upon, if it fails I have plenty of back up ideas. So in the battle of me vs. the world I will eventually come out on top.

Dear Followers,

I encourage you to be always be thinking about how to create the ideal version of yourself, and the ideal life. It’s your life journey and you should enjoy it. Learn, grow, try something new and exciting! Make changes today to make for an even better tomorrow. I hope this year is an even better year for you then the last.

Have a happy day if it’s not happy already. Indulge in something you love.


New Years Resolution: Find My Hedgehog

I missed a week of blogging due to holidays and the flu but I’m back now to writing a blog a week every week! My new years resolution for 2015 is to find my hedgehog! What?! Here it is: http://agilelifestyle.net/the-personal-hedgehog-concept. The hedgehog concept is finding what your meant to be doing based on three criteria: passion, marketability and skills. Where the three intersect is your hedgehog. It’s a matter of answering three questions: What are you deeply passionate about? What drives your economic engine? What can you be the best in the world at?

Every year my resolution is just to make more money and go on vacation but it seems even when I think I’ve gained a solid job it doesn’t last. About three weeks before Christmas I was told my position was being eliminated due to a lack of sales. This was a job I wasn’t passionate about, but I still really liked it for many different reasons. Now more then ever I just want to find something I can be deeply passionate about, be skilled at, and make money doing.

Many positive things have happened this year but this year has also been met with disappointments. This year I gained a job after 8 months of being unemployed and this year I lost my job. This year I managed to cry on my Birthday and on New Years Day. Two days that are meant to be exciting brought tears of sadness and anger. These tears were shed due to my lost job and lost income. This year can’t be the same! I can’t let history repeat it’s self. This year I’m going to find my hedgehog. But, I need to believe in myself more then ever.

Despite my job loss, here’s my list of positives for 2014:
– I learned what it meant to be highly sensitive and that there’s nothing wrong with the way I am.
– I gained lots of new skills that I was able to add to my resume.
– I started this blog and gained many followers and read many interesting blog posts.
– I started talking again to my long lost best friend from elementary school.
– I became better friends with other people I’ve known for awhile.
– I adopted a cute little kitten who brings me lots of joy and happiness.
– I found a church that I actually like and want to attend every week.
– Learned how to paddle board and became good at it in no time
– I found a book that will help bring out my creativity throughout my life.
– I started logging all my creative thoughts and ideas.
– I started purchasing books to read on a regular basis that help me to learn and grow.
– Had some parties, shared many laughs, and did many fun activities with my husband and friends
– I gained a new perspective on the world and the person I want to be in it.

This is my list to remind myself that I’m not moving backward in my life, I’m not stuck in one place. I’m forever growing, learning, gaining new experiences, strengthening relationships and finding happiness where I can.

Living Somewhere in Between Optimistic and Pessimistic

The ideal place to be is somewhere in the middle of being optimistic and pessimistic. I read a great article about why it’s better to be pessimistic, and it had some great points. Since, I’ve been both pessimistic and optimistic in my life I know the advantages of both. That’s when I realized it’s better off to be somewhere in between the two.

The advantages to being pessimistic is that your expectations are lower so when really bad things happen you didn’t hit rock bottom. When you fall down you just dust yourself off and get back up again. You don’t enter a state of denial or bitter anger or dreadful sadness. When things go wrong you know how to handle them – your prepared. You exhibit caution and take precautions. Then, when things do go your way you are even more excited because you weren’t expecting them too. You appreciate that life has it’s high points and it’s low points. Your a realist.

The advantages of being optimistic is you tend to feel less stressed about everyday life because you see the world in a more positive light. Being optimistic promotes happiness. Optimistic people are often more persistent in pushing forward even in the face of failure. This makes them more likely to succeed. When small things go wrong your able to quickly combat them with positive thoughts. You choose to see the good in all the bad – this makes you feel lucky. Your self-confidence and self esteem are also likely to be higher. Your positive outlook maybe contagious.

Obviously there are many more reasons why it’s better to be pessimistic, and reasons why it’s better to be optimistic. But, here’s my argument as to why you want to fall somewhere in the middle. If you can manage to be in the middle you won’t fret about small disappointments in life, you will see the light in the dark and persevere toward accomplishing your dreams and goals. You will be happier. But, at the same time you will be prepared for life’s huge disappointments and know how to handle them.

I’ve been a pretty pessimistic person in most aspects of my life for a long time, and then I somehow stumbled onto the optimistic train and I rid it for quite some time. I enjoyed my ride! I was happier, more satisfied with myself, and my life. I felt capable of big things and I was motivated to achieve them. I loved it! Then, just like I mentioned above something really bad happened and I hit rock bottom. I was unprepared and in a state of shock. I became extremely angry and eventually fell into a state of sadness close to that of depression. My subconscious was telling me something was wrong and I had refused to listen to it.

I’ve been told an important trait for my generation to have is foresight. Foresight is the ability to predict what will happen in the future to help you prepare for it. I knew deep down something wasn’t right and I failed to prepare myself for it emotionally or in any other way. I plunged into the deep pessimistic waters without anything to help me stay afloat. Not only was I angry about the situation, but I was angry that I was emotionally unprepared for it, and angry that my happy optimistic bubble had been popped. I wish I could get back on the optimistic train, but I know now that I can’t go back. I need to anticipate and plan for bad things to happen, because I don’t want to hit rock bottom again when they do happen. I will stay determined to keep on fighting for my dream life while anticipating disappointment and failure.

I will find a way to achieve a healthy balance and maybe that’s where I will find ideal happiness.

Determination is Essential for Success!

I’ve been asked to write a blog post about what I feel is the “most marketable skill” and skill that is essential for success. Right away the first word that came to my mind was “determination.” There are many definitions out there for the word “determination” so I want to be clear on what I mean.

Determination: a quality that makes you continue trying to do or achieve something that is difficult.
Determination is a positive emotion that involves persevering towards a difficult goal in spite of obstacles. Determination occurs prior to goal attainment and serves to motivate behavior that will help achieve one’s goal.

This word has defined me all my life and is the reason for my success in both my professional and personal life. Coming out of college and entering the workforce I thought I had all the skills and education I needed to succeed at obtaining a job and a job in my chosen career field. But, I was completely misguided. Maybe several + several + several years ago it was that easy. But, it’s not anymore and that’s why you need determination! Chances are it will be difficult, but you can’t give up!

I was fortunate enough to listen to a great presentation that talked about Career Security, and it mentioned how it’s no longer provided by the employer, it’s something we create for ourselves. This is a direct quote from that presentation: “It’s created through a process of updating skills, networking, and looking at wherever we are at the moment as a stepping stone to the next stop on our career journey.” Also: “Individuals possessing Career Security feel in control of what happens to them in the workplace. They have become the master of their career, rather than its victim!” You also need “foresight” the ability to predict and plan for the future.

Your never done learning and never done obtaining skills that you need to be successful. So, you need to stay determined through out you life. However, you also need to be certain of what you want. Determination also means a fixed purpose or intention. You need to figure out what your strengths are, what type of company you want to work for, what type of culture is important to you, and most importantly what will make you happy. Determination to achieve something without direction won’t get you very far. I know this from experience. Right out of college, I had a few ideas of what I wanted to do, and I was determined to be successful, but I really had no concept of what would make me happy. I’m going to tell you what I should of done. I should of interviewed employers at companies I wanted to work at to find out what it would be like to work there. You don’t ask them for a job; you just ask them what the culture of their company is like, how things work, and what skills they look for in new hires. Research, Research and Research! If you want to be successful you need to research the jobs out there, the types of companies, the culture, how to do effective resumes/cover letters, how to interview well, what are the latest trends in your career field? You should always be learning something new. I recommend reading lots of articles and books on success and happiness. It’s really helped me! Also, having an internship experience even if it’s unpaid. I had to do an unpaid internship at one point to help move my career forward.

Determination is outlined as a most important trait in the book “Think and Grow Rich” which highlights some of the most successful people throughout time, and how they achieved their goals because they never gave up and kept trying even after they failed over and over again.

How do I know all these things? Because, I was always afraid of failing in the eyes of other people so I’ve always been determined even when I didn’t have any clear set goals in my life. And my determination helped me to succeed at many things. I’ve always had high expectations for myself. I have suffered from horrible self-esteem for most of my life. My last job I hated, and I took it just to be making money, but when they laid me off and it was the best thing that could of happened. You can view my blog post: Lessons Learned from Being Unemployed. After two months of not getting anywhere with applying to jobs I started trying everything and anything that was suggested to me. I did a ton of stuff that I was uncomfortable with like networking and interviewing employers at companies. I attended a networking group, I read a lot, spent a lot of time defining what was important to me, defining my skills, I researched and researched, read about interviewing, created a portfolio, and looked for ways to improve my resume by asking other professionals. I became the definition of determination and was able to be more positive then a lot of my peers. I improved my self esteem the more I learned, and the more I started to realize I was in control of my career and I was the only one in control! I stopped worrying about what my husband thought, what other people thought, because I had all this knowledge pointing out that I was following the right path. Now my husband is looking for a new job and he asks me question after question about resumes, cover letters, ect.. Now I’m trying to help him be positive despite all the stress and aggravation of finding a new job.

You need to define you strengths and skills and not let any one job define you. When you find a passion for learning new things and continue to be determined you will find your way. Through my determination I have come to accept just about everything about myself. My self-esteem has done a complete 180, along with my satisfaction with my job and my life.

Be determined to be happy and you will find success as well.

This post is a contribution to the “Most Marketable Skill” project in honor of the class of 2014 for http://www.webucator.com/. They offer free Microsoft Office courses: http://www.webucator.com/microsoft/index.cfm

We weren’t Promised Much Here on Earth…

You ask why did she die so young? Why do I have to suffer so much pain? Why is there so much suffering? Why is life so unfair? Why does everything have to be so difficult?

Who promised you any of those things? Hopefully, no one did. That’s LIFE. If your religious then you know that with the exception of the promise that someday you will die, the only other promise that life has in store for you is that if you live it right you get to go to heaven. That’s where there’s no pain, no suffering and no life cruelties.

So yes life is painful, and it can be absolute mess for some people. It can be utterly cruel and completely unfair. I wanted so badly to be anything but me during my childhood. I felt totally out of place. I had barely any self confidence, I felt alone and some days I wished it could all be over. But, I always reminded myself that if I get through all this I get to go to heaven. I told myself that one day I would find a guy who would accept all the things about me that no one else did. Even before that happened, I met someone who is also highly sensitive, a shy, introvert and if not an INFJ..pretty close. I think she is, she says she’s not sure. I didn’t figure that out till much later, but having her as a friend was just what I needed. Sometimes life does give you something great, if you choose to see it.

Because among all the pain in this world there are good things happening all the time. There’s miracles and good people who are making the world a better place to live. There can even be a person out there who quite possibly can accept everything about you, especially if you can accept it about yourself. I found someone, and I can’t imagine my life now without him. All my quirks from being an INFJ, higly sensitive and just plain me he doesn’t see as problems. He sees me as incredibly unique and he’ll do whatever he can to keep me happy. I had spent a week in cottage with my in-laws and I love them, but I was done with being around other people, I was incredibly home sick, and I was begging him to get out of there right away! I felt like such a pain. I thought he would be mad at me. But, he wasn’t. He surprised me with his compassion for how I felt. I’m understanding more and more that I’m not wrong for feeling the way that I do day in a day out. Even though I feel so incredibly different from everyone else, I have complete acceptance and unbelievable respect from him. No one promised me I would fall in love and meet someone so incredibly amazing. I only promised that to myself.

We are not promised that bad things won’t happen, but were not promised good things will happen either. The best thing is we get to choose to see things in a positive light, and not let all the negativity weigh us down. You can feel like your on top of the world!

People like to blame God for things. But, he really never promised you any of those things here on earth, in life. He has promised good things after life. In that sense the good really does outweigh the bad.

If you can remember that through out your life, you will learn to see more good in life than bad hopefully. I haven’t lived long enough to say that’s true. But, if I believe it…

Ready and Waiting for Someday to come…

I want nothing more right now then to get in my car and just drive. Get away for a full week, clear my head, and live in the moment with no expectations, and no plans. 

One day I will. One day, my husband and I will take a week off of work, pack up our truck, and we will just drive. Drive with no destination, no travel arrangements, and no expectations. This is the goal. This is my dream right now. 

If you can do it, GO! Drive away, be spontaneous and optimistic! Leave all your stress and worries behind you and live freely! Then, blog about your experience when you come back. Go on my behalf. 

I’m heading away for the weekend, but I’m not going very far and not for very long. I can’t afford a real vacation and are friends and family just don’t understand. It’s hard to be in love with traveling, and be the only one who can’t afford to go anywhere. I know I shouldn’t worry what other people think, but their comments have bothered me. But, there’s always someday…

Someday before or after everyone else is tied down I will be doing everything, I will be going everywhere, buying nice things, redesigning my home, and redefining what happiness means. That day will come, someday.

Someday…maybe soon? See we took a risk, my husband took a pay cut to help start a new business, and three years later that business hasn’t taken off. But, he’s the smartest person I know, and beyond his years now in experience. It’s time for him to start hunting. It’s time to see what the world has in store for us. It’s a stressful time, but we are equipped to handle the journey. I’m going to keep him positive, and help him find the path that’s right for him. He has always said that someday we will be better off, doing better then everyone else. Some days I don’t believe him. But, I believe in him, I believe in me, and in our determination to work hard and above all be happy. I truly believe some day will come where we will be happier then ever before. 


Life is Crazy!

Due to my crazy summer and busy schedule I was unable to post a blog last week. I might post two this week to make up for it. Last week, I had the choice of to spending time with a friend I rarely see, or staying home to write. The choice was relatively clear.

Life is crazy! Sometimes I get super annoyed when I plan all these things to do and end up not completing them. But, then I realize that there’s no escaping that. Life is crazy, and you can never plan everything to work out just the way you want it to. No matter how much we picture our perfect life, and work hard to make it happen, it will never quite turn out the way we expect. 

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” -Unknown

When you try to hard to control the world and your life you will find more stress and feel less accomplished. Your better off just letting go, and letting life take you on a ride. Just buckle up and hold on. 

Sometimes the chores will pile up, you won’t complete everything or even anything on your to-do list, everything you touch will break, it will storm and rain on your planned day in the sunshine. So, what? I say bring it on! If more than half my week goes as planned that’s good enough for me. I won’t let the world bring me down! I will keep on trying to make the best of things.

My husband is always staying up to date on politics, along with what’s happening with the economy, and what’s happening is extremely depressing. But, there’s always something to stress about and worry about. There is no shortage of problems in the world, if you search for the problems you will find them. It’s good to be informed and be able to make informed decisions with the knowledge that we gain. However, we also need to make the decision to rise above the mess and think positively about our future. Take control of what we can, and leave the rest to fate. 

My husband and I always say “It’s the two of us vs. the world,” and then we ask ourselves “Are we winning yet?” Some days we are, some days not so much. I plan on a future where the answer will almost, if not always, be a resounding yes! 

Life is Crazy! There’s no real guarantees. Almost anything can happen! If there is no tomorrow, I would hate to have wasted today.