Is it possible that some people are born creative?

color-circles-414637_1280Yes. I believe I am and I doubt anyone can change my mind about it. One article I read argues whether all people are born creative or just learn to be later in life. I completely disagree with this viewpoint. I think some people are inherently born creative, while others learn to be creative later in life. I think my brain is naturally wired to think creatively.

Growing up I wasn’t pushed into any creative activities. I looked for ways to be creative. I would draw, do crafts, and build things without any influence from my friends or family. My sister was not creative with anything. It was just me. My dad loved to draw when he was younger, so maybe I inherited some creativity from him. But, he decided against a creative career and he doesn’t really have any creative hobbies. I don’t think he was born creative, or maybe not to the degree I am. If he was in fact a born creative, I think he would feel something missing without pursuing any creative interests.

The articles I have read leave out the idea of people being born with a certain set of personality traits with a knack for creativity being one of them. What if everyone was assigned a personality type when they were created like the Myers and Briggs 16 different personality types? It makes sense that I’m an INFJ just from things I remember as a child. I believe this is possible. I think we were all predestined to be a certain type of person and a good percent of our personality was just given to us. Some of our personality is created throughout our lifetime. However, we were all assigned a package of traits at birth, and over time we start to understand those traits and really develop them. Some will change based on life circumstances and some are unchangeable. It’s not based on genetics, but genetics does play a role. Having a knack for creative thinking and a desire to be creative is just one of those traits.

Some people have creative interests due to their predestined personality type and they feel something missing without the opportunity to express their creativity. Then, there’s the people who have this burning passion within them to be creative. Without the opportunity to be creative they feel like there’s a huge gaping hole inside of them. It’s a hole that can only be filled by fulfilling their natural desire to be creative. These people seek out creative opportunities out of need, the same way they need oxygen to breath. This is the category I fall into.

When I was kid I had trouble focusing on anything that didn’t require my creative abilities. There were never any interests of mine that didn’t fall into the creative category. I wanted to be a writer, a singer, but mostly an artist. I tried working at jobs that didn’t require any creativity and along with being lousy at them, I also felt the huge gaping hole inside of me. I found myself constantly daydreaming out of boredom.

It would have mattered if my childhood was different, if my family raised me different, if I had done things differently, I would have still ended up with a burning desire to be creative.

I definitely believe anyone can be creative and anyone can learn to be creative. I don’t think it’s a gift given to some that others can not have. I think a lot of people are creative in ways they don’t even realize. There’s so many different ways to express creativity that we often don’t even see the art that’s right before our eyes. People who design flower gardens, makeup artists, unique home decorations, new ways of organizing a space, new ways of solving problems, ect. There’s creativity all around us.

When I network with people about my business they often ask me what I specialize in. I tell them I don’t. I’m an all-around creative person. I’m creative in all things. It seems like there’s not a lot of people out there like me that are equally interested in just about all things creative. There’s photographers, painters, graphic designers, writers, ect. I don’t have one thing I’m more interested in then everything else. I guess I should have told them creative thinking. Any creative opportunity where I get to be innovative I’m interested in. I love writing just as much as I love graphic design, painting, drawing, and other creative interests. I’m an all-around creative person. I’m creative by nature.

Leo Burnett says, “Creativity about life, in all aspects I think, is still the secret of great creative people.”
That defines me. Whether it is with cooking, decorating, organizing, planning, or something else I exhibit my creativity.

I believe there is a correlation between a born creative person’s brain being wired differently and being assigned a creative personality type. They are one within the same.

I am a born creative. How about you? What do you believe?


The Powerful INFJ’s

We see the world in a different way. That doesn’t make us weak, it actually makes us powerful. We’re more capable of creating change. As Steve Jobs said, “Think Different.” We don’t have to even try to think different, we do by nature. I see myself as an innovator. A creative and free spirited person.

Some days I feel like I can conquer the world, and other days I feel discouraged by people’s need to put me in a box and treat me as if I’m just like everyone else. I’m sure to most people I’m just an average person because I don’t show all my colors to the world. I don’t stand out in a crowded room. I’m humble, and I don’t like to talk too highly of myself. I also keep all my deep emotions mostly to myself. And still once in awhile it’s just painful to be so different.

Being an INFJ is one of the few things that is extremely unique about me. INFJ’s are less than 2% of the population. If there’s so few of us, isn’t that a sign that were suppose to be more and do more? Instead of being treated as if there’s something wrong with us, shouldn’t people all around us be encouraging us to follow our dreams and create change?

We can be powerful, if we believe in ourselves, if we turn off all the voices judging us, if we keep reminding ourselves that being different is a gift. We are capable of so much more than the world is going to give us credit for. We can make our own choices though. We build the world in our heads. We have to stop our fears by reminding ourselves that we can be more successful than others due our INFJ qualities. Because we see things differently. We are more determined.

All we have to do is find our passions and dive down deep into them. Let our passions take over us and guide us on our life journey. There’s so few of us, which is why it’s important that we help each other to not get pushed down and trampled on by others and the weight of the world. The world is a better place with more INFJ’s following their dreams, because they, we, in fact can create change in the world.

Feeling Like an Alien in the World

I’ve always felt like an alien in the world ever since I could remember. I’m told that’s normal for INFJ’s. Still, I reach out for some aspects of normal in my life and instead I find myself dwindling further and further away from normal. The more I dive into my complex personality the more I realize how uniquely different I am from everyone else. The more I learn about the culture of the country I live in the more I understand why I’ve felt like an alien and even inferior to others.

The biggest problem I face is my inability to conform to a society where extroversion is valued more than introversion. I can ignore this in every aspect of my life except the career world. It’s a society with so many rules on how a professional should think and react in every given situation. The people with the best oral skills gets the job – the people with the power of persuasion. I’m a better writer then a speaker. But, I hate being told what to do and working for companies closed off to new ideas (which so many of them are). I’m not some radical that won’t listen and conform to company culture, I will, but I’ll hate it. I don’t want to impress people and pretend I’m something I’m not. They say “just be who are in interviews,” yet there’s all kinds of rules about what to say, what not to say, how to act and it’s encouraged to tell white lies. I’m one of the most honest people in this world I can’t stand even telling one little white lie. Everyone tells me that the right job is out there for me, and I honestly don’t agree. Where people tell me to not give up, not understanding that it’s not in my nature to. But, what happens when I get another job? It lasts a year, if I’m lucky, 5 years and then I’m back out there again looking. So, I just keeping working on my skills and building up my skills for being a entrepreneur meanwhile playing the stupid job game.

I know I see the world differently and I want to share my inner perspective with the world in an epic way, but I can’t until I’m successful. People listen to the successful people, people don’t question the successful people.

I learned not only do I have the personality type of an INFJ, but I also have the inventive personality type. I looked at the overlap of jobs for inventive types, INFJ types and HSP’s and found little to no overlap in the type of jobs that would interest me. Any creative adventure on my own just sounds more fun. I embrace my uniqueness, but at the same time find myself jealous of others who have it so easy, who don’t have to work so hard to fit into the world. Having such a complex personality really complicates my career journey and is extra complicated in a difficult economy. I wish sometimes that I wasn’t born to this generation, but I know in time I will find my way. I’m absorbing information like a sponge so that I don’t get left behind in this world. With society no longer having job security gaining new skills and knowledge are the only things I can keep.

I have so many friends living out the normal life with full time jobs, houses and plans for kids (some already pregnant) and I just nod along like I have plans for all that normal stuff too. I only have a couple friends not setting their life up for all the normal stuff. My one and only friend who does think the same way as me lives out of state. Some days I wish I could just feel normal and plan my life out the same way. But, I know normal will always be twice as hard for me being an hsp. So I can’t try to be what society wants me to be, or what I’ve been brought up to believe I should be. There just has to be a another place for me.