The Secret to Becoming More Positive and Even Happier

I learned something momentous about being positive this last week. Now I’m working to be more positive!

I know that I’m in control of my happiness and I can make the choice to be happy and seek it out, but that hasn’t been enough to keep me positive. I’ve been in a pretty negative place over the last few months due to my health. I got really angry about having health issues mostly because I was in a really happy and positive place before them. I was angry that life circumstances popped my positive and happy vibes, as if there were little bubbles floating around that I had no control over and no way to protect. I’ve never really had any health issue the lasted more than a couple of weeks so I didn’t handle the situation very well — as you might have sensed from my past blogs.

When all the numerous tests I had were basically done, and I was left with a most likely diagnosis, I knew I needed to focus on being more positive and being happier in order to focus on my business. Instead I felt the complete opposite. Instead I was an emotional mess. Then after a really positive networking experience it hit me — I can’t fix myself unless I fix the negative influence in my life. Sadly, my husband was an extremely negative influence on me. He was in a worse place than me. After being angry and having an emotional meltdown, my husband agreed that he needed to start being more positive. He needed to be more positive for himself, as well as for me. I don’t blame him for being a stressed mess because I’ve been just as bad, if not worse, at certain points in my life. However, enough was enough. We weren’t doing ourselves any favors.

I thought back to when I was in a happier place and what I was doing different and it occurred to me that I was reading a lot of positive and motivational books and articles. So I took my husband to the library and found him some audio books focused on being happier and being more positive. A light switch had already been turned on after I confronted him about his negativity. He decided to be more positive, but listening to the audio book has helped even

Some would laugh at the thought of reading self-help books, listening to CD’s on being more positive or anything of that nature. Some would think it’s for the weak. But, I’m telling you, it’s for everyone! Everyone can benefit from it. There comes a point in everyone’s life where they need it. I read about a lady who listens to that type of thing everyday for an hour. Science shows that a good percentage of our thoughts our negative and focused on the past. People are more easily stressed out these days. It actually makes loads of sense to read or listen to something motivational or positive everyday, or even a couple times a week. I’ve read and heard multiple times from so many people that as an entrepreneur I should be reading new books all the time to learn new things. Once I started really diving into reading books again I noticed a change in the way I felt.

Sure with everything my husband and I have been through we have a right to be stressed out and upset, but we needed to choose not to be. We chose not to be, and chose to seek out inspiration. That doesn’t always work too easily, but there’s a book on just about every problem out there. At some point I stopped reading books on a regular basis. I have never been big on reading, but I like books where I learn something. I now notice having a positive or inspirational book to read really had an impact in my life.

I think the best secret to being more positive is reading books. In the past I’ve tried to verbally provide my husband with motivational and positive lessons, and he has given me some himself. It didn’t help enough though. Even doing activities that made me happy didn’t really help. Spending more time with friends didn’t really help. Trying to help others didn’t really help. Seeking out positive reading and gaining a positive husband did. Seeking it out is key — we had to make the choice to seek out positive vibes, not have someone preach it to us. Also, with us both reading positive things there’s double the chance of us leading a more positive life. That way it isn’t always one person trying to bring the other one up, when the other is down, or worse just bringing each other down.

Lesson 1: Seek out motivational and inspirational books, always be reading something, or have something that you can refer to when your in a negative or stressful place.

Lesson 2: Have your significant other read something too, or whomever your living with because you don’t want them to bring you down, when they could be influencing you positively.

🙂 Hope your feeling some positive vibes. I’m not going to let my positive vibes get popped too easily from now on. I know I might fail, but I’m going to keep reading, and keep trying to be happier.


10 Strategies Toward Less Stress

I think I’ve been stressed for the last four years. Anytime I think about where I want to be financially and where I am right now, I feel stressed. It bothers me that studies show the Millennial generation is the most stressed-out generation. There are many articles about it. I often wonder what it would have been like to grow up in my parents generation. They think they understand how my generation and I feel, but they really have no clue. I know the Gen Xers and other generations have a lot of stress too, and I don’t know how they feel, but I imagine it’s quite different. I’ve found the best way to cope with my stressful life is just to focus on how I can survive the future of no job security and live the life I’ve always dreamed.

I’ve become better over the years at handling my stress levels through education, determination, and focusing on the positive things in my life. I know that would be nearly impossible if my husband and I were both unemployed, but weren’t not. We have a lot of positive things going for us, and the ability for me to start my own business is one of them. One thing I try to remind myself is that my stress comes from within, it’s not external factors that are causing me stress, it’s me reacting to those external factors. At this point, I usually take a deep breath and focus on what I need to do to remove the stress. Being stressed is not going to help make a difficult task any easier, or help me to focus on the situation in front of me.

Here are some of the strategies I’ve found helpful in handling stress:

  1. Create task lists of things to do or things to remember (This was helpful when I became overwhelmed at work — with too many things to do in a short period of time.)
  2. Meditation (This could be thinking about a relaxing time from my past, clearing my mind and just listening to my breathing in complete silence, or a quiet walk —  it does help.)
  3. Write down your thoughts (There’s an article that shows it has amazing health benefits, and you don’t even have to write good, you can just scribble down three pages of what your feeling and you’ll feel better. This strategy works great for my husband.)
  4. Share your feelings (Of course! Some people get sick from keeping everything internalized and never vocalizing how they feel. My husband has been known to keep everything in, but over the years he’s become more vocal about it, and I can tell he feels better afterward.)
  5. Read motivational quotes, books, or articles (This has helped me a lot. I have become a more confident and positive person due to the 100’s of articles and quotes I have read, and the few amazing books that have transformed me into a new person.)
  6. Find one activity to look forward to everyday (For me this can simply be a delicious recipe, or baking cookies, a TV show, a walk, an arts/crafts hobby, playing with my cats, spending time with friends, or trying something new and different.)
  7. Reach toward your dreams (I knew that I needed to improve my confidence to live out my dreams. So, I found books and strategies to help me. I felt a sense of new confidence with each book I read.) Just think of one thing that you can do each day, week, or month, to put you a step closer to your dreams, and do it.
  8. Get a pet. (Enough said. You can read my last blog post on how it helps with stress.)
  9. Avoid negative people (Family or not, I’ve found I just need to stay away from people who put me in a negative state of mind. Since I’m highly sensitive, people who are negative have an even stronger effect of my emotions.)
  10. Laugh a lot and smile more (Life is more difficult that I ever expected, but I always try my best to find humor in life situations. I find ways to make my husband laugh, I tell jokes, and I act like a goofy kid once in awhile.)

Recently, my husband has been a bit stressed and my creative way of handling it was telling him that every time I heard him sigh, which was a lot, I better hear a “yippee” after it with some enthusiasm in it. He did, he thought it was pretty funny, it made it hard for him not to smile. Which studies have shown smiling makes you happier. 

I’ve actually created a list of fun activities to do outside of my home, both indoor and outdoor activities, so that I constantly have variety in my life, and never fall into a trap of boredom, or displeasure with life. But, it gets exceptionally tricky in winter where it costs money to do most activities.

Oh and listening to relaxing music that helps too.

Wishing you a life with less stress,

Everyone Loves an Underdog

If someone wrote a book about your life, would anyone want to read it?

Without struggle, without suffering, we have no story. No one wants to read about the person whose always got everything they ever wanted. No one wants to read about the person whose had an easy life and succeeded and everything they ever tried.

Everyone wants to read about the person who struggled, and then struggled some more, hit rock bottom, and then eventually succeeded, and even lived out their dreams.

I have been learning about underdogs for the past month, and the one thing that has really resonated with me is how difficult times can set you up to be more successful, then the person living the easy life. When life is difficult, we have to ask ourselves, “What can we learn from it?” We can learn more from the difficult parts of our life, then the easy successful parts.

A life with a good mix of drama, challenges to overcome, pain, along with success, and happiness, is the kind of life people are interested in reading about. Because everyone loves an underdog. Movies love to share the stories of underdogs from fictional characters to real life hero’s or just successes. Celebrities who were once sleeping in their cars are now living in mansions. I read an article recently that listed some of Hollywood’s biggest names, who were once homeless and living in their cars. I was very surprised! Read here.

I’m not entirely happy about the difficult things I’ve had to go through in my life, but I’m proud to be the person those difficult times has shaped me to be. I’m proud of the person I’ve become, and the person I can be in the future. I know that no matter what good fortune or success comes my way I will always stay true to myself. I won’t take anything for granted.

If your struggling in life, I hope you realize how much of a stronger person you will be because of it.

Ugly Places and Uncozy Spaces

Quick! run toward the exit maybe no one will notice! (that’s what I’m thinking, but I don’t).

I’m very particular about the environments I will allow myself to spend time in. Places with weird smells, dirty spaces, tight quarters, old, dingy styles, and damaged pieces, make me feel sick inside. If the place is all of the above I find myself feeling dirty and ugly in the space as if I’m absorbing the essences of it. Even after I leave I’m still not at ease. My mind can’t let go of the time I spent and the feelings I encountered in an uncomfortable place. I find myself yearning for a clean and cozy space or my own place.

One of these ugly places with tight spaces is my parents home, specifically their kitchen. I spent 18 years there, in a space that caused me discomfort and I couldn’t do a single thing to fix it. It never felt like home. Now I limit my time there, remember I’m no longer trapped, and prepare myself mentally in advance.

I don’t know why different spaces have so much of an effect on me, I’m sure it’s partly due to my sensitivity. There’s just no other place or space quite like home.

When I started looking for a house my husband pushed for a fixer upper. I on the other hand wanted something newly remodeled. I needed a space that right away felt warm and inviting. I couldn’t live in the stress and mess of reconstruction. I couldn’t have found something more suitable to my personality and my tastes. There’s definitely room for  a bit of remodeling and it turned out to need a lot of fixes. However, the main rooms in the house are cosmetically pleasing even without the fancy furniture we’ve been unable to purchase. Above all the house is not a cookie cutter home (this was very important to me), there’s not a single house exactly like it.

No matter how tough life gets and how scary the world can be it’s nice to have one place that will always feels like home to me. One place that resembles my creativity and uniqueness that is me.

The Journey to Change The World

If you were to change one thing about the world or the country you live in what would it be? What one thing would you like to be able to say you made a significant impact on? Picture of a path with two trails to choose from.

I read this article a couple weeks ago written by John Hughes about being an HSP and he said something that really resonated with me and it’s been on my mind ever since. He said: “We carry a responsibility to do something with all that we create inside our minds and hearts as if it’s not ours, but something we owe back to the world.” – John Hughes I had to ponder over this for awhile because I couldn’t believe how true those words were. I’m not sure how many people feel this way – but I have unknowingly felt this way for a good chunk of my life.

This blog is an example of that. I felt this need to write about what’s in my mind and in my heart for a long time and to share it – years before I even started this blog. However, this blog is only a tiny piece of what’s inside my mind and heart. There’s so many things being created in my mind and my heart that it’s overwhelming. I feel like there’s something huge I’m suppose to be doing and I’m working toward figure it out. The problem is it takes time (I’m not patient) I have a ton of interests and dreams from writing a book, to creating videos, to product designs, to painting, to graphic design, photography, to creating advertisements, blogging, and creating my own service business. And there’s no possible way I can do all of these things at once – maybe I’m meant to do almost all of them or only a few. For some reason I want to do all of them. I’m trying to focus on just one but I want to create so many things!

Since high school I have had this strong ambition to do something that would truly make a difference in other people’s lives. I threw away that idea after college due to a bad economy, need for money, and a low self-esteem. Still, it followed me nonetheless. It followed me along with my childhood dreams to be an inventor and a writer but an artist above all. It followed me the same way my dreams of being an entrepreneur never went away. No matter what job I’ve had these dreams have always been there. No matter how good at my job I am my jobs never seem to last. So I’ve opened up my mind to all possibilities. I’m trying meditation, I’m reading and researching. I’ve been logging all of my thoughts and ideas in journals.

I have this responsibility to create something and write, this need to make an impact in other people’s lives and I can’t ignore it. Many days I’ve cried about it in the past and got a regular 9 to 5 job and tried a part time job only to find out it wouldn’t last. But, it’s not just being an HSP it’s also my INFJ personality type. I’ve read:

“INFJ’s want to save the world without being noticed” (this is entirely true – that’s why you don’t know who I am, and I don’t want any fame associated with my face ever – at times I’ve wished I was invisible)
“INFJ’s believe they can come up with humanitarian issues (helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people).

So, if I’m meant in someway to save the world and share all that I create in my mind and my heart I thought this might be a good place to start. Here is my list of changes I want to see in the world:

1. More acceptance of people who are different: introverts, highly sensitive people and others.
2. More people accepting their highly sensitive and introvert traits and living out their dreams
3. More people living out their dreams by thinking for themselves and living their life not the life someone else planned for them. Not a life where they are constantly beating themselves because society taught them to feel bad about who they are.
4. A stronger economy with more people thinking for themselves (researching) rather then believing everything they hear on the radio or television, or from other people’s mouths.
5. Less lies! Lies about the food we eat, lies in the news, lies from companies ect…
6. More companies not afraid of creativity and innovation
7. Less chemicals in food with healthier restaurants
8. More job security and easier interview processes
9. Doctors who care more
10. Less judgement in the world in general

Today is almost over and I’m actually a bit frustrated about that – because I would like to get started now! I want to change the world today! I’ve been putting it off for far too long. That kind of sounds like I have a big ego or something, but I really don’t. I just fear the path of never finding out what I’m truly capable of. I fear never finding my true calling in life and feeling an emptiness because of it. Some people never do, but I refuse to be one of them.

Dear Followers,

Thank you for choosing to follow me! I’m excited for a new year of blog posts and hope to see many likes and comments. I hope you enjoy my writing and I apologize in advance for anything crazy that I say! Just kidding, maybe…

This is a new year for my blog and I’m looking for ways to grow and improve it. Let me know if you have any advice!

Even though I’m unemployed and could really use the added cash I’M STILL EXCITED ABOUT LIFE EVERYDAY! I am working to CREATE THE IDEAL VERSION OF MYSELF EVERYDAY! With everything I read and do I’m growing my skills, learning, and enjoying my time. I’m writing and being creative and those are two things I love to do! All of which will help me financially in the future. I don’t miss my job. I was at the point where I wasn’t learning that much anyway. Their loss!

Dear Employers,
I know I say a lot of the wrong things in interviews – even with practice, but if I can’t write my way into your company then I guess I’m not meant to be there. So instead I will write my own destiny.

I have a ton of entrepreneurial ideas and I have chosen one road to embark upon, if it fails I have plenty of back up ideas. So in the battle of me vs. the world I will eventually come out on top.

Dear Followers,

I encourage you to be always be thinking about how to create the ideal version of yourself, and the ideal life. It’s your life journey and you should enjoy it. Learn, grow, try something new and exciting! Make changes today to make for an even better tomorrow. I hope this year is an even better year for you then the last.

Have a happy day if it’s not happy already. Indulge in something you love.


New Years Resolution: Find My Hedgehog

I missed a week of blogging due to holidays and the flu but I’m back now to writing a blog a week every week! My new years resolution for 2015 is to find my hedgehog! What?! Here it is: The hedgehog concept is finding what your meant to be doing based on three criteria: passion, marketability and skills. Where the three intersect is your hedgehog. It’s a matter of answering three questions: What are you deeply passionate about? What drives your economic engine? What can you be the best in the world at?

Every year my resolution is just to make more money and go on vacation but it seems even when I think I’ve gained a solid job it doesn’t last. About three weeks before Christmas I was told my position was being eliminated due to a lack of sales. This was a job I wasn’t passionate about, but I still really liked it for many different reasons. Now more then ever I just want to find something I can be deeply passionate about, be skilled at, and make money doing.

Many positive things have happened this year but this year has also been met with disappointments. This year I gained a job after 8 months of being unemployed and this year I lost my job. This year I managed to cry on my Birthday and on New Years Day. Two days that are meant to be exciting brought tears of sadness and anger. These tears were shed due to my lost job and lost income. This year can’t be the same! I can’t let history repeat it’s self. This year I’m going to find my hedgehog. But, I need to believe in myself more then ever.

Despite my job loss, here’s my list of positives for 2014:
– I learned what it meant to be highly sensitive and that there’s nothing wrong with the way I am.
– I gained lots of new skills that I was able to add to my resume.
– I started this blog and gained many followers and read many interesting blog posts.
– I started talking again to my long lost best friend from elementary school.
– I became better friends with other people I’ve known for awhile.
– I adopted a cute little kitten who brings me lots of joy and happiness.
– I found a church that I actually like and want to attend every week.
– Learned how to paddle board and became good at it in no time
– I found a book that will help bring out my creativity throughout my life.
– I started logging all my creative thoughts and ideas.
– I started purchasing books to read on a regular basis that help me to learn and grow.
– Had some parties, shared many laughs, and did many fun activities with my husband and friends
– I gained a new perspective on the world and the person I want to be in it.

This is my list to remind myself that I’m not moving backward in my life, I’m not stuck in one place. I’m forever growing, learning, gaining new experiences, strengthening relationships and finding happiness where I can.

Have You Lost Weight? No, stop asking!

Do people ask you “Have you lost weight?” to complement you on your body? I have been asked this many times before. This is what’s wrong with our society. We often see this question as a compliment when people ask it, and it’s usually meant to be, but it’s not! It’s part of the problem with the way our society views things.

First, we shouldn’t care what other people think of our body, our weight ect. Your the one who has to live with you each and everyday and you need to be comfortable in your own skin. Second, losing weight does not = a positive compliment. It’s like telling someone that they look fat. “Looks like you lost weight”, “looks like you gained weight” both are just as negative! I always think “Was there something wrong with my body before I lost weight? That now that I lost weight I’m more pleasant to look at?” ,”Did they think I was fat before?”, “Are they trying to say I should be trying to lose weight?” Asking me if I lost weight also implies that I care what other people think of the way that I look and I don’t! I did at one time or another (due to society’s horrible influence), but I don’t anymore! I’m happy with my body despite what others may think of my appearance.

This question is not a compliment even when you are in the process of losing a few extra pounds because you need to be doing it for yourself. If people don’t say anything when you have lost 20 lbs that’s awesome that means they don’t judge the way people look, and are more sophisticated then other people. They don’t care what weight your at, and if you don’t flaunt it they realize your losing weight for yourself and not to please anyone else.

Thirdly, this question shows that other people do care about how we look, and it encourages us to care what other people think. What if someone lost weight because they were really sick? Maybe the person is headed toward becoming anorexic, and your question about losing weight just encouraged them that they are on the right path, because you said it in such a positive way. By asking this question you are reminding them that people care about how other people look and that’s important. Your telling them that you thought they were fat or overweight before and they should keep losing weight.

One of the two scenarios where it may be appropriate to comment on someone else’s weight is when they straight out ask you “Do you think I’ve lost weight?” and then you have to be careful to use the right words for the situation. They maybe trying to get an outside opinion because they are worried about what others think. The other scenario where it maybe appropriate to comment is if the person is unhealthy and you are truly concerned about their health and well being.

It angers me when people ask me this question. I really want to blow up at them and tell them how insulting it is for them to ask me that question. Most recently, I get that question and I haven’t lost any weight which means I probably look thinner because of the clothes I’m wearing or the high heels I’m sporting (which means I should dress like that more often? No!) So I usually say no I haven’t and then it just gets a little awkward after that. Some people will say this is a way of saying “you look nice” or “pretty” but if that’s what they are trying to say then that’s what they should say!

The truth is we should be working on our physical appearance for ourselves, not anyone else. I put on makeup and jewelry and look pretty because it makes me feel more confident in myself. I don’t have a perfect body – I realize this, but I’m happy and confident about the way I look and I feel no need to comment on other people’s bodies.

We should be teaching the next few generations to be happy with themselves and find the ideal weight and ideal look for themselves and only them. No one else’s opinions matter. Dress for success, but don’t lose sight of who you are.

It’s not about taking your makeup off, it’s about realizing why you put it on in the first place. It’s not about wearing the latest styles – it’s about dressing in a way that makes you feel great about yourself.

Letting the Little Things Go

It can be challenging at times to not let little things anger us in our relationships with other people. I myself struggle with little things people say being highly sensitive. I struggle the most with people’s comments who don’t know me that well. I can take one small comment and completely blow it out of proportion in my mind. I would hate to make a bad impression around people I know I will being seeing a lot of – like people at work. I worry people will see the things I try to hide and see me in a negative light. I care too much what others think of me. One of the down flaws of being highly sensitive is how easy it is to become stressed and overwhelmed. I’ve also found that it can take me longer to learn new things, and I beat myself up inside with every mistake I make. I worry people will see these things and see me in a negative light. This among other things is one of the reasons I wish to be an entrepreneur. I just have to keep reminding myself that people see all my positive traits too! and there has to be more positive than negative.

When it comes to my relationship with my husband I make it a point to not let the small things get to me. Some people will fight and argue over the dumbest things and never apologize because they hate admitting their wrong. My thoughts are: why bother? I firmly believe that instead of getting angry about pet peeves and silly little things you should find a way to bring humor into the situation. Instead of getting angry at my husband for never putting anything away, or cleaning up the messes he makes I either clean it up myself or relentlessly tease him about it until he takes care of it. He always has a big smile on his face to match my smile when I tease him about those little things.

Nearly six months ago I was shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond with my husband to buy a gift for a wedding. It was the first time I’ve shopped there since they started their wrap your own gift idea. You get this station big enough for one person with all the paper, ribbon and tape you could possibly need. As soon as I started to wrap the gift my husband stops me to say I’m doing it wrong, I let him at it long enough to realize he’s doing a terrible job, so I take over, and then he takes over again, and then were at war to get this gift wrapped and the tension is mounting. Finally, I just break out in laughter realizing how ridiculous this must look to anyone around us – like a comical scene in a movie. We then work on tying up the bow together and laugh our way out the door – teasing each other about our wrapping skills. The memory of this is a reminder to me how a stupid argument can either escalate into a huge fight, or turn into a funny silly little story for later.

In our house there’s never any yelling and it’s very rare that there’s ever a real fight about anything. We honestly don’t see the point. We can communicate things just fine without all the anger and frustration. We are equals and treat each other as such.

Let the little things go.  No one is perfect, we all have imperfections and do some little annoying things that bother other people, but their usually not worth getting upset about. I know if I got angry with every little thing my husband did that annoyed me he would do the same toward me and this would just cause tension in our relationship. Sometimes we just need to admit that were wrong with no excuses and move on. In our relationship we both know how to apologize and it makes our relationship stronger because of it.

Being Someone or Something Your Not

I have on a subconscious and sometimes a conscious level tried and pushed too hard to fit in with people very different from me. I have tried and pushed too hard to fit into group cultures that didn’t suit me. I want to make a pact with myself from this day forward to stop the whirlwind of trying to fit in with anyone or anything that doesn’t align with the person I am.

I grew up with a family that is everything that I’m not. I haven’t learned much from them because I rarely listened to them. They were overwhelming. I didn’t know who I was until I left. I have already made a pact with myself after I left that I would never again get caught in a situation with them where the exit door wasn’t in sight. Secondly, I will never spend more time with them then I want to. Thirdly, I will dodge their calls if I feel they are calling too much. Fourthly, I will never again let them give me advice on my life that I didn’t ask for. Lastly, I won’t let them talk about my childhood like they were good parents and they somehow had a positive influence on the person I am today.

I also grew up in a culture of Greeks. My Mom is Greek and if you know anything about the Greeks they are loud and usually outgoing extroverts. It sounds like a stereotype but I went to a church full of them. Then, there was me the girl who seemed shy and fearful of the world. I was so incredibly out of place. I made friends with some people during my high school years and enjoyed the friendships, but they slowly faded away. I always made the effort to socialize at my church and found so many people would talk to me for a few minutes before moving on to the next person – this was incredibly annoying! I have had many awkward situations like this. I have tried to socialize with people and been shut out of a conversation. I come home and just feel a huge energy drain, I never realized why until about a month ago. I’ve been working too hard to be something I’m not for all these years. No matter how badly I wanted to fit in I don’t, and I never will. I felt the desire to because my church is filled with family and many fun people. I love certain things about the church I grew up in but I don’t enjoy going. I don’t belong. I never did. I’m not your typical Greek and I’m never going to be. But, I will always love the food and beautiful holiday services. I have made a pact with myself to church hop until I find a church that I like.

I also want to make a pact with myself to no longer feel bad about the things that I’m not good at by nature. I’m not good at solving problems or answering complex questions on the spot, or doing tedious activities for several hours, speaking in front of large groups of people or having social conversations with strangers. I get overwhelmed easily, I’m highly sensitive, and that’s just who I am. Yes, I can and have gotten better at many of these things, but I’m not going to feel bad that I’m not great at them. I’m not going to let anyone make me feel bad for something I’m not good at when I have strengths in so many other things. I’m not going to put myself in situations where I will be forced to use more of my weaknesses then my strengths. I’m going to embrace the fact that there is a lot of stuff I’m good at and I’m going to indulge in the fact that I am smart and growing smarter everyday.

I’m growing smarter each day the more I read and learn and discover who I am day in and day out. Some people don’t spend much time in their lives discovering and exploring who they are. Some people coast through life without any real thoughts on what kind of life would truly make them happy. I think I’m a stronger person because I have. The more time I spend creating the best version of myself the more I can contribute to this world and the happier I will become.

If people have a problem with who I am, where I am going, and what path I choose to follow that’s their problem not mine! I’m going to strip myself of anything that doesn’t feel right to me. I’m done being someone or something I’m not! I’m working everyday on discovering how someone as incredibly unique as me can do something incredibly unique with their time. I need to find a path that won’t make me question who I am or try to change me into something I’m not. That ship has already sailed and sunk.

Everyday I feel I’m different from everyone else. I’m not ordinary. If there’s so few people like me that must mean I’m meant to do something extraordinary (beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular, or established).