Reprogramming My Brain

Lately, it’s been a chore of mine to stop myself from reliving past negative experiences in my head. I’ve been trying real hard to cut out all negative thoughts and either fill them with positive thoughts or positive words about myself. I’ve been waking up a lot in the middle of the night and have troubles going back to sleep because I’m thinking about so many things. Lots of things are going on and I can’t seem to turn off my brain that easily. But, I’m thinking the more I practice not letting my thoughts go to a negative place, not letting them go off on a tangent, the easier it will get. Maybe I will start to really seek control over my mind and gravitate toward more positive thoughts than negative. I spend way too much time thinking about my sensitive nature and worrying about future things overwhelming me. But, I’m sick of letting my mind run wild. It’s time I start fighting my negative thoughts with positive ones.


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