Creating a more alert and energetic version of myself

It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve had a cup of coffee. It’s been rough. Except, I don’t even like coffee. At least not without some added flavors. And by added flavors I don’t mean cream and sugar, they don’t make the coffee better. I’m taking about chocolate, vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, mint, and so on…coffee-691464_1280

Even with eight hours of recommended sleep I’ve never been a person with much energy in the morning and even during the day. I used to drink mocha’s and other fancy coffee drinks just for the delicious flavors. Then one day I realized I couldn’t survive in the career world without a cup of coffee every morning. But, I didn’t want to drink the unhealthy sugar stuff. So, I started pouring myself a cup of black coffee and just cringed as I sipped it. I never thought cream or sugar made this dirt mixed with water beverage any better. Of course, I still had flavored coffee and fancy mocha’s once in awhile.

It’s been three years now that I’ve been a coffee drinker. I never wanted to be addicted, and I never thought I was until I had to give it up. I definitely thought I was addicted to the energy and better brain power it gave me. But, I didn’t expect to be addicted to it physically. When I first started drinking coffee I could barely get through a whole cup without becoming shaky and super hyper. Now I sit here staring at this computer screen and I find myself struggling to process words in my head. My motivation and brain power are down. I keep thinking about how much better my writing would be with coffee in my system. I keep losing my train of thought.

The first couple of days with coffee I had a migraine. It finally settled into a headache on the third day. It then finally faded to just head pressure on the fifth day. I have felt like a complete zombie in the morning even after eight hours of sleep. I find myself not only missing the energy, but also the feeling of sipping something hot in the morning. I used to persist on having coffee everyday. My husband, who drinks it because he likes the taste, didn’t understand this. He drinks it all the time and is somehow not addicted. Or so we think. I wanted it everyday for the energy, not because I felt ill physically. I never had headaches during the day even when I didn’t get coffee till noon, instead I just had a lot less energy.

I firmly believe in the power coffee has to stimulate better brain power. It helps with focusing, reducing stress, and creating more energy, all leading to more success in life.

Coffee creates a better version of myself, and I feel like a different person without it. I can’t wait till the day I can drink a cup of coffee again and go back to the person I loved more.


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