The World Has Chosen This Path For Me

I’ve been contemplating over people’s comments on my idea to start my own business. I think about what I should say when they ask if I’m afraid, comment on failing, or think it’s just a stepping stone to getting a job working for someone else. I always stumble over what to say because no one wants to sit there and listen to my 50 some reasons why I want to start my own business (and there could possibly be that many). And how can I make them understand that failing is not an option for me? or that I don’t plan on ever working for anyone again!  Every time I say something different, and regret what I said thinking I could of said something better.

I didn’t just wake up one morning and say: “I think I’m going to start my own business.” I didn’t give up on getting a job working for someone else because I couldn’t find one. I just never felt it was where I belonged in the first place. I didn’t choose to be an entrepreneur, the world has chosen that path for me. The desire to be an entrepreneur has probably been there since high school and most definitely college. However, I chose to get a job working for someone else and I wanted to find a long-term place to stay, it just never worked out. There’s days I just wish I fit into some job mold and didn’t have to struggle with one job after another since I left college. I can blame the economy for that. I can blame society for giving me such poor self-esteem that made it impossible for me to get hired right out of college. Except it doesn’t matter anymore because I finally feel like I’m doing what I’m suppose to be doing.

The truth is I’m not that afraid, I’m more afraid of how I would feel not going into business for myself. But, without any success yet, it kind of sounds like I have an ego or I’m naive.

I should tell them: I can’t possibly fail, there’s no possible way. I’m way too determined. My business won’t fail, if anything I will have gained so many valuable skills my business will either morph into something else, or I will have created another business that will come out on top of my current business. Due to the fact, I already have plans in place to learn what I need to in order to start one of my many other business ideas, failure is just not possible. Due to the fact, I’m finally focusing on all my talents and passions and not doing anything that creates unnecessary boredom for me. Due to the fact, I I’m way too creative and marketing savvy.

This is probably what I should tell them, I keep thinking about it in the back of my mind:

If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs. – Tony Gaskins (and this is most definitely my dream)

I used to daydream about what I would say when people asked me what my job was and I could finally say “I had my own business.” Because there really isn’t too many jobs cooler then being an entrepreneur. Now I daydream about how to reply to their comments in questions without babbling on forever about how I’ve managed to finally stumble down this path and how confident I am that it’s what I’m suppose to be doing.

The best thing I hear people say is that I’m somehow brave and they would never have the confidence to do it, and then I’m just speechless. For anyone to look at me as someone confident and fearless is crazy. A couple years ago, I had horrible self esteem and was incredibly afraid of everything. And I know that I have changed, but I still know the fearful, in-confident person very well. I want to tell them the story of how I was never that person, or the times I cried so much my face hurt the next day because I couldn’t handle the emotional pain of being me. But, I don’t. Someone would be completely caught off guard if I told them that. I don’t think they would know what to say. The truth is it was a slow progression that took many books, articles, quotes, and wandering outside my comfort zone.

The truth is, if you want something bad enough and your willing to work hard for it then it’s possible. It also helps to know the secret to life. That has definitely helped me a lot.


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