Movies Dramatic Affect on a Highly Sensitive Person

After I became a bit older and wiser, I made a firm decision to avoid horror movies almost completely. I was sick of losing sleep over a movie or having nightmares about it. It’s not worth it when only 1 out of 30 (maybe 40) films are actually good. I made this decision before I knew I was highly sensitive. I’ve protected myself many ways in the past without understanding why I needed to.popcorn-155602_1280

The only reason I watch any type of horror film in the first place is for the suspense and mystery. So once in awhile, I will make an exception if the movie trailer is exciting, but before I watch anything I search for it on for a rating of 6.5 or higher (this is my own reference for how good a movie is and it’s usually pretty accurate). I hate predictable, gory, bloody, or just plain scary movies. I can’t stand bloody films because I automatically visualize myself in the situation and the pain the character is going through. The worst are the one’s with no real ending, or an ending where every main character is dead and then the credits roll.

If there’s no real ending I sit up at night trying to figure out how it should of ended. I contemplate what would be a sensible ending, I wonder what ending the writer may of thought of using instead, I analyze character flaws, and I analyze flaws the writer made. I also replay parts of the movie in my mind. Sometimes I even go online to read what other people said about the ending. Without an end the story is still going on inside my head, and it’s very difficult to turn off.

When everyone is dead in the end, I feel depressed. It’s the same with drama films. I avoid them unless I think it’s a touching romantic story, and in that case I look up spoilers to see how the movie ends. I can’t watch any romance drama movie where one of the main characters dies at the end of the movie. Who knows that could be my life someday. The way I look at it  — the real world is cruel enough — movies that end in a depressing way are just a reminder of that. I’ve heard people say that they like it when movies are true to real life. But, I honestly feel the cruelty in the world quite enough, thank you very much. Maybe I’m just feeling enough for those people and myself. Lucky me.

Sometimes the movies that keep me from falling asleep at night don’t fit into one of my predefined categories and are quite unexpected. Two nights ago, I was up tossing and turning after watching the movie “Gone Girl.” The ending left me feeling depressed about life. *SPOILER ALERT* I honestly think I would of slept better if the girl in the end was behind bars. If you haven’t seen it and don’t plan on seeing it, the movie was about a woman who was trying to frame her husband for her murder, but she wasn’t really dead. The media or detectives didn’t figure out she was framing him. Toward the end, after she commits a murder and blames it on self defense, she comes back home and the husband has to pretend to love her for the sake of the media. She also ends up pregnant with his baby, so he decides to stay with her. That’s the short summary.

Maybe I’ve watched too many detective shows to appreciate this ending. There were many holes in the story, for an example it didn’t even seem like her self defense story was actually investigated. Maybe there’s more details in the book. Anyway, it didn’t matter in the end how much I enjoyed the twists and crazy story line that unfolded, it still left a bad taste in my mouth. It kept my eyes wide open at night making me contemplate how cruel and evil the world is. I know it’s just a movie, but there’s a lot of crazy people out in the world, and I know there are people trapped in relationships that they don’t know how to escape from. Relationships that are abusive in nature. And the end of the story just left all the main characters feeling trapped. I can usually handle violent, action packed films quite well. Even tear jerking movies as long as they end well. But, what I can’t handle is when a movie takes away “hope,” the one thing that people rely on in the real world to get out of a difficult situation.

It also bothered me that the story never really revealed why the woman was basically a complete psycho. The movie hinted at a reason, but didn’t really reveal one. So I was also up contemplating why she was a psycho, as if that would have helped me to feel better about the ending. *END OF SPOILER ALERT*

When I watch a movie I became part of it. I am the character trying to overcome the obstacles, or at least I feel for the character trying to overcome the obstacles. So, when a character feels hopeless in the end, I feel it too, I feel the hopelessness that comes from living my life.

I watch movies to be sent to another world, to be a part of something incredibly different, to be reminded of positive and fun things in the world. Sometimes just to learn something new, but never to feel the pain and suffering in the world without some sign of hope. There are some movies that I’m truly disgusted by the fact that people actually watch them. How about you?

Movies can have a dramatic affect on me, but it’s usually positive because I know which ones to avoid.


8 thoughts on “Movies Dramatic Affect on a Highly Sensitive Person

  1. I do this too, I usually look up movies on IMDB before watching them. Especially if they’re an action/thriller type movie. Bloody/violent movies make me ill, so I always have to check beforehand.

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  2. I am exactly the same… And to me, there is no point in watching something that just makes you feel bad in the end. Though I don’t mind a little action and thrill, as long as it’s not too bloody and has some kind of happy end. My favorite movie ever is Avatar… loooooove it!
    But horror films – no way. I watched one a single time in my whole life, and never again. I think it took me a week to fully recover.

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  3. I had to get that out of my system. But seriously, I vet movies to watch like I’m buying an expensive bag or something. Because I get engrossed in the movie, it has to be so good that I won’t be able to guess the plot line, which is a tall order. I HATE horror movies because I feel as if I’m in the movie. 8 years ago, I watched a snippet of SAW that my brothers and cousins were watching, and it haunts me till this day. I keep.thinking about worst case scenarios and how i’d get out of those. This is why I love spy movies and action thrillers a la macgyver. Btw, a tip when watching a horror flick; mute the sound when there’s suspense and you suspect you’d be caught off guard. I realized it’s the sound effect that scares the living daylighte outta me. Also, y’all want to check cuz that website is IMDB+Rotten Tomatoes with a minimum of 7.5 rating. In fact, you just gave me an idea of movies HSPs would love!


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