Creating Your Life Journey

cupcake-305458_640Happy Official 1 Year Anniversary to my blog! Creating Your Life Journey has been about my struggles and triumphs in following the right path for me along with sharing my unique insights on the world. I write about my views on things, but I write considering all the different perspectives out there. This is one of the things that makes my blog and writing style unique. Maybe not super popular, but certainly unique.

Creating Your Life Journey is about creating the life that is ideal for you. It’s about figuring out who you are, who you want to be and working toward being that person. I’ve always loved the quote below. This quote was on my mind when I created this blog.

“Life isn’t about Finding Yourself. Life is about CREATING Yourself.” – Unknown

One thing I’ve learned since I started this blog is sometimes life tricks you into thinking something or believing in something that isn’t truly right for you. We are all influenced by the way we grew up, our environment and the people who surround us. So, are we living our lives or someone else’s? Do we know who we are down to the core? Have we separated ourselves from all the beliefs that have been forced upon us? Have we distinguished exactly what we want out of life?

Are we planning out our lives to become the best version of ourselves? Are we planning out a future that meets all of our biggest hopes, dreams and goals? I believe the more time we spend on being the person we want to be, building our confidence, and creating our ideal life the happier we will be.

I write about this as a person who has suffered from horrible self-esteem, grew up with misconceptions about my personality and struggled to find my own way. Someone who has felt lost, trapped and worried life would never get any better. Someone distracted by other people’s way of living and angry over other’s influence on my life.

Now I know I’m on the right path to Creating my Life Journey, a journey that is right for me.



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