The Journey to Change The World

If you were to change one thing about the world or the country you live in what would it be? What one thing would you like to be able to say you made a significant impact on? Picture of a path with two trails to choose from.

I read this article a couple weeks ago written by John Hughes about being an HSP and he said something that really resonated with me and it’s been on my mind ever since. He said: “We carry a responsibility to do something with all that we create inside our minds and hearts as if it’s not ours, but something we owe back to the world.” – John Hughes I had to ponder over this for awhile because I couldn’t believe how true those words were. I’m not sure how many people feel this way – but I have unknowingly felt this way for a good chunk of my life.

This blog is an example of that. I felt this need to write about what’s in my mind and in my heart for a long time and to share it – years before I even started this blog. However, this blog is only a tiny piece of what’s inside my mind and heart. There’s so many things being created in my mind and my heart that it’s overwhelming. I feel like there’s something huge I’m suppose to be doing and I’m working toward figure it out. The problem is it takes time (I’m not patient) I have a ton of interests and dreams from writing a book, to creating videos, to product designs, to painting, to graphic design, photography, to creating advertisements, blogging, and creating my own service business. And there’s no possible way I can do all of these things at once – maybe I’m meant to do almost all of them or only a few. For some reason I want to do all of them. I’m trying to focus on just one but I want to create so many things!

Since high school I have had this strong ambition to do something that would truly make a difference in other people’s lives. I threw away that idea after college due to a bad economy, need for money, and a low self-esteem. Still, it followed me nonetheless. It followed me along with my childhood dreams to be an inventor and a writer but an artist above all. It followed me the same way my dreams of being an entrepreneur never went away. No matter what job I’ve had these dreams have always been there. No matter how good at my job I am my jobs never seem to last. So I’ve opened up my mind to all possibilities. I’m trying meditation, I’m reading and researching. I’ve been logging all of my thoughts and ideas in journals.

I have this responsibility to create something and write, this need to make an impact in other people’s lives and I can’t ignore it. Many days I’ve cried about it in the past and got a regular 9 to 5 job and tried a part time job only to find out it wouldn’t last. But, it’s not just being an HSP it’s also my INFJ personality type. I’ve read:

“INFJ’s want to save the world without being noticed” (this is entirely true – that’s why you don’t know who I am, and I don’t want any fame associated with my face ever – at times I’ve wished I was invisible)
“INFJ’s believe they can come up with humanitarian issues (helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people).

So, if I’m meant in someway to save the world and share all that I create in my mind and my heart I thought this might be a good place to start. Here is my list of changes I want to see in the world:

1. More acceptance of people who are different: introverts, highly sensitive people and others.
2. More people accepting their highly sensitive and introvert traits and living out their dreams
3. More people living out their dreams by thinking for themselves and living their life not the life someone else planned for them. Not a life where they are constantly beating themselves because society taught them to feel bad about who they are.
4. A stronger economy with more people thinking for themselves (researching) rather then believing everything they hear on the radio or television, or from other people’s mouths.
5. Less lies! Lies about the food we eat, lies in the news, lies from companies ect…
6. More companies not afraid of creativity and innovation
7. Less chemicals in food with healthier restaurants
8. More job security and easier interview processes
9. Doctors who care more
10. Less judgement in the world in general

Today is almost over and I’m actually a bit frustrated about that – because I would like to get started now! I want to change the world today! I’ve been putting it off for far too long. That kind of sounds like I have a big ego or something, but I really don’t. I just fear the path of never finding out what I’m truly capable of. I fear never finding my true calling in life and feeling an emptiness because of it. Some people never do, but I refuse to be one of them.


9 thoughts on “The Journey to Change The World

  1. That is some fighting spirit there 😀 I can relate; I have one million interests and passions and it’s just impossible to follow them all. Perhaps it can be enough to follow what feels good and right right now. And then, when it doesn’t any longer, do the next thing that feels right 🙂 I believe that we tend to do our best when we do the thing we want to do. So. Just a thought. You will never get to do it all (probably), but if you keep doing what feels good and right at this moment, you’re probably on a pretty good way! I wish you lots of marvels along the way 🙂


      • I am between careers right now, so a lot of it is being decided at the moment 😉 On the one hand I am currently in the final stages of finishing a degree in historical and cultural studies, on the other I’ve been working at a museum, where my main responsibility is researching for and writing the newsletters. For a full-time job I’d like to work as an editor 🙂 What about you?


  2. This is such a beautiful post. I resonate with it a lot, and I’m an INFJ too, and maybe HSP.
    Dreaming is never a bad idea. Neither trying to make it a reality. Let’s keep on dreaming and making them visions, then reality.

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  3. Loved this post! Your list of changes is great and I can relate to your desire to want to do something that will make a difference. There’s the challenge of figuring out what that something is and then the additional challenge of believing in myself enough to do it. But I have hope! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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