Dear Followers,

Thank you for choosing to follow me! I’m excited for a new year of blog posts and hope to see many likes and comments. I hope you enjoy my writing and I apologize in advance for anything crazy that I say! Just kidding, maybe…

This is a new year for my blog and I’m looking for ways to grow and improve it. Let me know if you have any advice!

Even though I’m unemployed and could really use the added cash I’M STILL EXCITED ABOUT LIFE EVERYDAY! I am working to CREATE THE IDEAL VERSION OF MYSELF EVERYDAY! With everything I read and do I’m growing my skills, learning, and enjoying my time. I’m writing and being creative and those are two things I love to do! All of which will help me financially in the future. I don’t miss my job. I was at the point where I wasn’t learning that much anyway. Their loss!

Dear Employers,
I know I say a lot of the wrong things in interviews – even with practice, but if I can’t write my way into your company then I guess I’m not meant to be there. So instead I will write my own destiny.

I have a ton of entrepreneurial ideas and I have chosen one road to embark upon, if it fails I have plenty of back up ideas. So in the battle of me vs. the world I will eventually come out on top.

Dear Followers,

I encourage you to be always be thinking about how to create the ideal version of yourself, and the ideal life. It’s your life journey and you should enjoy it. Learn, grow, try something new and exciting! Make changes today to make for an even better tomorrow. I hope this year is an even better year for you then the last.

Have a happy day if it’s not happy already. Indulge in something you love.



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