My Emotional Whirlwind

Sometimes I can get so lost in my own emotions and the one’s I absorb from other people that I can’t focus on anything outside of how I’m feeling. This is how I currently feel.

Sometimes I have random anxiety and worry that something bad is going to happen – even though I know I’m overthinking things.

Sometimes I just need to hear the sound of my husbands voice so I don’t feel so alone when I’m lost in an emotional whirlwind.

Sometimes I get angry at myself for being so emotional because I know I could be more productive if I just learned how to shut the door on my emotions.

Sometimes I worry I won’t protect myself from being too overwhelmed in the future causing me to become an emotional wreck, and sometimes I worry I will overprotect myself and shut the door on trying something that might be a great experience.

Sometimes I just feel like crying and I don’t understand why.

Sometimes I think I’m learning how to be less emotional about everything, and then disaster strikes!

Sometimes I don’t want to leave my emotional whirlwind so I just allow myself to get lost in it. Sometimes, I just can’t get out without help.

Sometimes everything is going right and I’m incredibly happy, I’m super productive, but I know it won’t last.

Most of the time I just wonder how I can use it to my advantage, so it doesn’t become a disadvantage.


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