Letting the Little Things Go

It can be challenging at times to not let little things anger us in our relationships with other people. I myself struggle with little things people say being highly sensitive. I struggle the most with people’s comments who don’t know me that well. I can take one small comment and completely blow it out of proportion in my mind. I would hate to make a bad impression around people I know I will being seeing a lot of – like people at work. I worry people will see the things I try to hide and see me in a negative light. I care too much what others think of me. One of the down flaws of being highly sensitive is how easy it is to become stressed and overwhelmed. I’ve also found that it can take me longer to learn new things, and I beat myself up inside with every mistake I make. I worry people will see these things and see me in a negative light. This among other things is one of the reasons I wish to be an entrepreneur. I just have to keep reminding myself that people see all my positive traits too! and there has to be more positive than negative.

When it comes to my relationship with my husband I make it a point to not let the small things get to me. Some people will fight and argue over the dumbest things and never apologize because they hate admitting their wrong. My thoughts are: why bother? I firmly believe that instead of getting angry about pet peeves and silly little things you should find a way to bring humor into the situation. Instead of getting angry at my husband for never putting anything away, or cleaning up the messes he makes I either clean it up myself or relentlessly tease him about it until he takes care of it. He always has a big smile on his face to match my smile when I tease him about those little things.

Nearly six months ago I was shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond with my husband to buy a gift for a wedding. It was the first time I’ve shopped there since they started their wrap your own gift idea. You get this station big enough for one person with all the paper, ribbon and tape you could possibly need. As soon as I started to wrap the gift my husband stops me to say I’m doing it wrong, I let him at it long enough to realize he’s doing a terrible job, so I take over, and then he takes over again, and then were at war to get this gift wrapped and the tension is mounting. Finally, I just break out in laughter realizing how ridiculous this must look to anyone around us – like a comical scene in a movie. We then work on tying up the bow together and laugh our way out the door – teasing each other about our wrapping skills. The memory of this is a reminder to me how a stupid argument can either escalate into a huge fight, or turn into a funny silly little story for later.

In our house there’s never any yelling and it’s very rare that there’s ever a real fight about anything. We honestly don’t see the point. We can communicate things just fine without all the anger and frustration. We are equals and treat each other as such.

Let the little things go.  No one is perfect, we all have imperfections and do some little annoying things that bother other people, but their usually not worth getting upset about. I know if I got angry with every little thing my husband did that annoyed me he would do the same toward me and this would just cause tension in our relationship. Sometimes we just need to admit that were wrong with no excuses and move on. In our relationship we both know how to apologize and it makes our relationship stronger because of it.


7 thoughts on “Letting the Little Things Go

  1. I love how you bring humor into play; it is hard to remember remaining humorous in your everyday life, but thank you for reminding me 🙂 I have observed similar dynamics and it is remarkable how a light-hearted approach can solve a situation effortlessly while seriousness can turn even the most trivial of disagreements into a big deal. As you say, if you choose humor, you will have turned a conflict into something to smile about. I never thought of it that way, but it’s an excellent opportunity to gather fun memories!

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