Living Somewhere in Between Optimistic and Pessimistic

The ideal place to be is somewhere in the middle of being optimistic and pessimistic. I read a great article about why it’s better to be pessimistic, and it had some great points. Since, I’ve been both pessimistic and optimistic in my life I know the advantages of both. That’s when I realized it’s better off to be somewhere in between the two.

The advantages to being pessimistic is that your expectations are lower so when really bad things happen you didn’t hit rock bottom. When you fall down you just dust yourself off and get back up again. You don’t enter a state of denial or bitter anger or dreadful sadness. When things go wrong you know how to handle them – your prepared. You exhibit caution and take precautions. Then, when things do go your way you are even more excited because you weren’t expecting them too. You appreciate that life has it’s high points and it’s low points. Your a realist.

The advantages of being optimistic is you tend to feel less stressed about everyday life because you see the world in a more positive light. Being optimistic promotes happiness. Optimistic people are often more persistent in pushing forward even in the face of failure. This makes them more likely to succeed. When small things go wrong your able to quickly combat them with positive thoughts. You choose to see the good in all the bad – this makes you feel lucky. Your self-confidence and self esteem are also likely to be higher. Your positive outlook maybe contagious.

Obviously there are many more reasons why it’s better to be pessimistic, and reasons why it’s better to be optimistic. But, here’s my argument as to why you want to fall somewhere in the middle. If you can manage to be in the middle you won’t fret about small disappointments in life, you will see the light in the dark and persevere toward accomplishing your dreams and goals. You will be happier. But, at the same time you will be prepared for life’s huge disappointments and know how to handle them.

I’ve been a pretty pessimistic person in most aspects of my life for a long time, and then I somehow stumbled onto the optimistic train and I rid it for quite some time. I enjoyed my ride! I was happier, more satisfied with myself, and my life. I felt capable of big things and I was motivated to achieve them. I loved it! Then, just like I mentioned above something really bad happened and I hit rock bottom. I was unprepared and in a state of shock. I became extremely angry and eventually fell into a state of sadness close to that of depression. My subconscious was telling me something was wrong and I had refused to listen to it.

I’ve been told an important trait for my generation to have is foresight. Foresight is the ability to predict what will happen in the future to help you prepare for it. I knew deep down something wasn’t right and I failed to prepare myself for it emotionally or in any other way. I plunged into the deep pessimistic waters without anything to help me stay afloat. Not only was I angry about the situation, but I was angry that I was emotionally unprepared for it, and angry that my happy optimistic bubble had been popped. I wish I could get back on the optimistic train, but I know now that I can’t go back. I need to anticipate and plan for bad things to happen, because I don’t want to hit rock bottom again when they do happen. I will stay determined to keep on fighting for my dream life while anticipating disappointment and failure.

I will find a way to achieve a healthy balance and maybe that’s where I will find ideal happiness.


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