The Not So Deep Side of Me

Most of my posts are centered around deep thoughts and feelings, but those are not the only things that define me. I don’t view myself as a person who just fits into a box labeled: INFJ, sensitive, introvert or ect.. Some days I wish I could open up and talk to more people in my life about those aspects of my personality, since I have only two people outside of all of you. However, I do enjoy spending time with people who don’t know about any of the deep aspects of my personality.

So here is more about me:

1. I have two siamese cats that are way too cute and way too spoiled. Every morning before I go to work or go anywhere I pick up and hug my seal point siamese cat Flynn. He always purrs super loud. Every morning I wake up to my lynx point siamese cat Chloe, meowing for food. They are complete opposites but best friends. They are perfect – I wouldn’t change a thing about them.

2. I don’t like comedians because I think if I sat down and took the time to think of some good jokes I could be funny too. (I am funny – by the way) I appreciate people who can add humor into their everyday lives without any preparation.

3. I feel most alive and happy with my life when I’m trying new things and having new experiences. I wish that was more often. (kind of deep..oops)

4. My husband and I started hosting Halloween parties every year for the last 3 years. This year it will be our 2nd Halloween party in our new house. I had to have a house with a big living room partly because I wanted lots of space for parties. I’ve been told are Halloween parties are awesome – I’m very proud of this! Ask me more about them.

5. I love movies and I hate story books. I only read to learn new things. I can’t watch the same movie more than twice in a year. Otherwise, I get bored and space out.

6. I love to bake sweet things and try to bake muffins and a dessert item once a month in Winter. I like to cook, but my husband does too so we cook together or take turns. – I love this about us.

7. This post is actually hard for me to write. I can’t think of interesting things to share without saying something deep. I’m actually shocked by how hard this is for me.

8. I always put earrings in my ears everyday and I don’t know why. I love jewelry and have lots of necklaces and bracelets that I don’t wear that often.

9. I love water – I love long hot showers, baths, swimming pools and hot tubs. I love waterfalls too. Did I mention I have a Sea Doo – personal watercraft? I like lakes too, I would love to live on a lake.

10. I love board games (especially strategy) and I have a collection of games a lot of them I rarely play. But, I have Wii too and play that more often.

This post has made me realize how easy it is for me to write about how I feel about everything, and how hard it is for me to write without putting any emotion into my words. What does that say about me?


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