We weren’t Promised Much Here on Earth…

You ask why did she die so young? Why do I have to suffer so much pain? Why is there so much suffering? Why is life so unfair? Why does everything have to be so difficult?

Who promised you any of those things? Hopefully, no one did. That’s LIFE. If your religious then you know that with the exception of the promise that someday you will die, the only other promise that life has in store for you is that if you live it right you get to go to heaven. That’s where there’s no pain, no suffering and no life cruelties.

So yes life is painful, and it can be absolute mess for some people. It can be utterly cruel and completely unfair. I wanted so badly to be anything but me during my childhood. I felt totally out of place. I had barely any self confidence, I felt alone and some days I wished it could all be over. But, I always reminded myself that if I get through all this I get to go to heaven. I told myself that one day I would find a guy who would accept all the things about me that no one else did. Even before that happened, I met someone who is also highly sensitive, a shy, introvert and if not an INFJ..pretty close. I think she is, she says she’s not sure. I didn’t figure that out till much later, but having her as a friend was just what I needed. Sometimes life does give you something great, if you choose to see it.

Because among all the pain in this world there are good things happening all the time. There’s miracles and good people who are making the world a better place to live. There can even be a person out there who quite possibly can accept everything about you, especially if you can accept it about yourself. I found someone, and I can’t imagine my life now without him. All my quirks from being an INFJ, higly sensitive and just plain me he doesn’t see as problems. He sees me as incredibly unique and he’ll do whatever he can to keep me happy. I had spent a week in cottage with my in-laws and I love them, but I was done with being around other people, I was incredibly home sick, and I was begging him to get out of there right away! I felt like such a pain. I thought he would be mad at me. But, he wasn’t. He surprised me with his compassion for how I felt. I’m understanding more and more that I’m not wrong for feeling the way that I do day in a day out. Even though I feel so incredibly different from everyone else, I have complete acceptance and unbelievable respect from him. No one promised me I would fall in love and meet someone so incredibly amazing. I only promised that to myself.

We are not promised that bad things won’t happen, but were not promised good things will happen either. The best thing is we get to choose to see things in a positive light, and not let all the negativity weigh us down. You can feel like your on top of the world!

People like to blame God for things. But, he really never promised you any of those things here on earth, in life. He has promised good things after life. In that sense the good really does outweigh the bad.

If you can remember that through out your life, you will learn to see more good in life than bad hopefully. I haven’t lived long enough to say that’s true. But, if I believe it…


2 thoughts on “We weren’t Promised Much Here on Earth…

  1. This is a really well written post. Looking forward to reading all your future posts 🙂

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