Ready and Waiting for Someday to come…

I want nothing more right now then to get in my car and just drive. Get away for a full week, clear my head, and live in the moment with no expectations, and no plans. 

One day I will. One day, my husband and I will take a week off of work, pack up our truck, and we will just drive. Drive with no destination, no travel arrangements, and no expectations. This is the goal. This is my dream right now. 

If you can do it, GO! Drive away, be spontaneous and optimistic! Leave all your stress and worries behind you and live freely! Then, blog about your experience when you come back. Go on my behalf. 

I’m heading away for the weekend, but I’m not going very far and not for very long. I can’t afford a real vacation and are friends and family just don’t understand. It’s hard to be in love with traveling, and be the only one who can’t afford to go anywhere. I know I shouldn’t worry what other people think, but their comments have bothered me. But, there’s always someday…

Someday before or after everyone else is tied down I will be doing everything, I will be going everywhere, buying nice things, redesigning my home, and redefining what happiness means. That day will come, someday.

Someday…maybe soon? See we took a risk, my husband took a pay cut to help start a new business, and three years later that business hasn’t taken off. But, he’s the smartest person I know, and beyond his years now in experience. It’s time for him to start hunting. It’s time to see what the world has in store for us. It’s a stressful time, but we are equipped to handle the journey. I’m going to keep him positive, and help him find the path that’s right for him. He has always said that someday we will be better off, doing better then everyone else. Some days I don’t believe him. But, I believe in him, I believe in me, and in our determination to work hard and above all be happy. I truly believe some day will come where we will be happier then ever before. 



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