Are you living the life of a lucky person?

I don’t consider myself lucky or unlucky, but now I understand exactly where I rate on the scale of luck, and now I know how I can improve my luck! If you thought that “we create or own luck in life” you were right! 

I just finished the book called “The Luck Factor” by Dr. Richard Wiseman. The book teaches you how to lead a luckier life with four essential principles. It’s a book based on scientific research that evaluates the ways in which luck and unlucky people think and behave. The author did extensive psychological testing on both lucky and unlucky people.

Throughout the book you are given questionnaires and exercises to evaluate your own level of luck. Each principle has 2-4 subprinciples and is explained in great detail with the research to back it up. At the end of the book, you learn that the unlucky and lucky people mentioned, increased their luck in life, and now lead happier lives after following the four principles outlined in the book. You are also given exercises to do in order to increase your own level of luck, and are told to follow the four principles for a whole month. 

I don’t necessarily consider myself lucky or unlucky, because that’s not how I view life anymore. At least not conscientiously. I understand that I create my own luck. But, when I was younger I would have most definitely classified myself as unlucky. Now, I consider myself “neutral” and after taking the questionnaires in the book I am classified as “neutral.” Not really lucky, but not really unlucky.

I’m past living the life of an unlucky person, and I’m ready to move beyond neutral, and consider myself lucky! It will be hard to view things as lucky, because I usually don’t consider things as either unlucky or lucky. However, if I increase my level of happiness and satisfaction with life then I will have definitely succeeded. 

I’m on a quest to increase my luck over the next month starting tomorrow morning. In order to commit to following the principles outlined in the book I have created sheet of exercises that I plan to carry with me for the next month. I will reevaluate my luck score at the end of the month. I then plan on writing a follow up blog post in a month, and I will let you know whether I have succeeded in increasing my level of luck! 

Wish me luck! Haha! 

Here is a link to more information on this book:  If you are interested in purchasing it, I was able to get a used version on Amazon and it cost me less than $8.00 with shipping. 


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