Money, Money, Money

I actually think I would be happier if I was rich. They say money doesn’t buy happiness. But, because I understand that and have suffered for so long without any financial security I think I would be happier. I’ve learned how to be pretty happy without it. I understand that I’m in control of my happiness and it is not based around what I have and what I don’t have. I’ve come to realize life is more fun with lots of friends to spend my time with so it would be hard to move some place warmer. I also know that I’m quite possibly capable of making myself rich. However, just having financial security and being able to travel once a year would be enough, and I know someday I will have that. 

But… If I were rich, rich enough to never worry about money again, which I’ve thought a lot about, I would plan my life with real goals and still aspire to follow my dreams. I wouldn’t spend all my money on expensive stuff that I don’t need. I wouldn’t turn into a snob and I would still take my time when making big purchases. But, I would have a different definition of big purchases. 

I would start by paying off all my debt. Then, look into investments and find ways to make the money multiply. I would then spend at least $500.00 on clothes. I mean I’m a girl, what do you expect? Then, update the furniture in my home and of course take a trip. And no I wouldn’t move into a huge mansion! The upkeep, the work, the safety! I think it’s best to take things slowly and figure out what you really want out of life. But, I wouldn’t quit my job. I genuinely like my job. I wouldn’t want to lose all normal aspects of my life. I wouldn’t quit unless I started my own business. I would love to have my own business so that is the road I would adventure down. But, first I would take classes in all sorts of things that interest me.

I would also give to others. I would give to charity and anonymously give to other people that I felt deserved it. I know that helping other people brings happiness. 

I would keep on learning and growing! Sometimes thinking about what you would do if you were ridiculously rich helps to figure out what you should be doing. What do you want out of your life? 


17 thoughts on “Money, Money, Money

  1. What do I want out of life? I honestly don’t know. I thought I knew but I don’t. And I’m okay with that. I think I’d like to say, “To help others reach for the stars!” But I suspect that is to impress others. Great question though. I will ponder this further.


  2. Riches always change you (often for the worse unfortunately). I’m with King Solomon who said something like give me enough that I wont be tempted to steal but not too much so I loose my compassion (ironically he became fabulously rich and changed for the worse). A bit of money is always useful but you have to be careful it has this sneaky habit of slowly becoming a tyrant and taking over your life.


    • I agree with that. I understand the importance of having both a personal and professional life. It’s something that’s always on my mind, because I kind of want my own business, but not something that will consume all my time.


  3. You are assuming everyone wants it! I sure wouldn’t – costs too much! (that was what stood out to me most in this movie too actually – he sacrificed his relationships for the dream)


  4. Money is not the most important thing in our lives but its pretty close to oxygen lol I mean we all like money, we like the things money buys (clothes, cars, trips, houses, jewelry, restaurant meals) all of these things that we like cost money. The best way we can make money is to put our passion and talents together and figure out if there is a market that we can serve. The more people we serve the more money we get. In my opinion we can’t never have enough money because after we are taken care of; our number one financial goal should be how much money we can give.

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