From Thoughts, To Words, To Realizations

I felt compelled to create this blog without any real idea where it would lead or what purpose it would serve in my life. This is my 25th post and I’m happy to say “I really love my blog.” I have no idea what the future holds for my blog, I’m not really sure what I will write about next week. hmm…probably post another poem? But, I like the mystery of not knowing what direction my blog will go next. 

I don’t have a formal background in writing and I don’t consider myself to be a really good writer. I know I have a lot to learn in writing, but hopefully I’m getting better. The purpose of my blog is not to get over 1,000 followers in a few months or anything of that nature. I honestly wouldn’t have known what to do with that, because I’m an inexperienced writer. I would of felt compelled to make all my posts intriguing and grammatically perfect, which would of stopped me from writing what I felt compelled to say. But, I’m very happy to see that I do have people following my blog and liking my posts. I’m glad to see my followers growing. It truly means a lot to me.  

My blog posts are like artwork to me, they all have a meaning and purpose. Nothing I write is without purpose, even though some of my posts I’m happier with than others. Even the things I post that are unpopular I’m not ashamed of nor do I regret posting them. A lot of times I put my thoughts into writing and they evolve into something entirely unexpected. I come to understand a bit more about myself and how I see things in life. Other posts I write ideas and thoughts that I hope will make a difference to other people or just strike interest. I do really appreciate comments. 

Before I created this blog I read articles and looked at blog posts that were popular. I felt I should get an idea of what makes a good blog. But, I still have no idea. I figured I needed to just create a blog that was true to me and that’s what this blog is. It’s all my own ideas and thoughts without following any rules and I truly like it that way. 

I know there’s some blog posts I’ve written that I will go back and read because it’s an idea or thought that turned into a realization. I have posted things I’ve learned about life and the way I plan on living it. 


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