The Lyrics of My Life

musicMusic inspires me to write, and if I had any musical talent I would write songs. Certain songs bring out a wave of emotions in me. I hear a song and sometimes it can make or break the mood I’m in. Sometimes one simple song can make me feel less lonely or less misunderstood. There are songs I will listen to again and again because the lyrics are more than a song written for the mass people to hear. They are the lyrics of my life.

Songs are often times someone’s secret diary of emotions that started to eat them up inside. So, they spilled their words out onto blank sheet of paper and created a melody, releasing their emotions out into the world. They transformed their emotions into art for everyone to hear, relate to, or just to feel what they have been through.

I know how this works because that’s what I do with writing. Sometimes if I don’t get my emotions out into the world they eat me up inside until I can no longer function without them tormenting me in the back of my mind. So, I spill my feelings out onto a blank document and share them with the world. I hope for my writing to become the art that others can feel and relate to.

What songs do you feel are the lyrics to your life?


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