Creative Madness


This is my artwork I created in Photoshop for this post. The images are pictures I took myself.

If I were to choose one word to describe myself “creative” is most definitely that word. I strive to be creative in everything I do. I told you before I want a life that is anything but ordinary. I’ve told you I’m a child at heart and strive to always make anything and everything fun. You might also know that my main goal in life is to be happy despite any obstacles that are thrown in my direction. If you’ve read my past few posts you know these things about me. What you don’t know is that I have creative madness!

Subconsciously and somewhat consciously I evaluate and live my life with a constant drive to be unique and unlike anyone else. Which is ironic at times because I dream a lot about what it would be like to walk in someone else’s shoes – live their life. Imagine what you would learn if you had the chance to be someone else for a day… to be a rock star for a day, to be a famous athlete, to live in a different country. I think it would be cool, because I would take some of the things I like in other people’s lives and incorporate a few of them into my life. However, I would never want to be famous and I would still want to be me.

To be unique and unlike anyone else requires a great deal of creativity and often times money. I know one thing is for certain, no one quite sees the world the way I see it. The way I see it is flawed at times, but also rather unique. To explain this is difficult, but it’s a journey I’m willing to embark upon.

When I was a kid I had quite the imagination, I would build and create things with little to no inspiration or so I think. I wanted to be an artist, but I had no clue what kind. I also dreamed of being a writer, a singer and an actress. I took drawing classes and pottery classes, but didn’t want a career in it. I wanted to just invent things. So, I went to school for Industrial design and I was so horrible at it that the teachers questioned why I had chosen that path. I was lost. I regret that I had no direction. I couldn’t of created better art if I had been more confidence in myself. But, it still was not the right path for me. The path of marketing was a good one, because it allows creativity and variety. However, I’m interested in so many different creative avenues, but most of all a path that is completely my own. I’m in love with all things that involve being creative and I want something I do or some part of my life to be epic!

My desire to be creative, and unlike anyone else, is about each day being filled with variety, no day should ever feel the same as the last one. I shall not let mind-numbing pointless tasks or chores engulf my day. I strive to be  full of positive energy each day, be unpredictable and have a personality unlike anyone else.

I’m creative when it comes to the meals I cook. I’m constantly trying new recipes and always seeking variety. I’m creative when it comes to fashion, I try to have a unique style and wear fun outfits with unique jewelry. I’m creative when it comes to my home. I want beautiful unique artwork on my walls with a one-of-a-kind interior design that matches my personality. I seek variety with the hobbies I take part in and have numerous hobbies including: biking, hiking, jet skiing, frolfing, swimming, tennis, painting, drawing, Photoshop, baking, shopping and more… I’m creative and seek variety in the things I purchase. And of course I seek to be creative and innovative in both art and in my writing.

I want beauty all around me. I want every aspect of my life to shout out that I’m a creative person, that I am an artist, that I have an eye for color. I want to indulge myself in all things creative. If I could have built my house from the ground up it would be completely unique to me. If I truly believed in myself and knew what I was capable of I can’t even imagine what I would be able to create.

What does it mean to be creative? says: having the ability to create, characterized by originality of thought; having or showing imagination, characterized by sophisticated bending of the rules or conventions.

I have creative madness!


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