To Be Forever Young

I believe I’m a child at heart, despite always feeling older and more mature as an INFJ personality type. I’m a child at heart just like Princess Ariel, in reference to my post: “Do You Believe in Destiny?” As I mentioned in my last blog post one of my goals in life is to stay young.

How can we be forever young? To me being forever young is a state of always looking for ways to make everyday things fun, and having the energy and excitement for life you would see in a child’s eyes. It’s to be spirited. I can’t stand being bored just like a child. I just want to make anything and everything fun. It’s difficult sometimes with constant chores and responsibilities, but life is too short to not have fun.Image

My husband and I always go grocery shopping on weeknights to avoid the crowds of people. Almost every time we go I jump on the back of the grocery cart and propel myself down the aisles. My husband even pushes me and I just love flying down the aisles like a kid; it’s a fun ride that makes grocery shopping less mundane. Usually no one is around, but sometimes people notice and it usually just makes them smile or they just don’t care. Even though I worry about what other people think of me, I have no problem embarrassing myself in front of strangers. I especially love embarrassing my husband because he gets embarrassed so much easier than I do.

My husband and I also have squirt gun fights in summer and run around the house chasing each other and hiding. We also play pranks on each other, like I take a cup of cold water and pour it over him when he is taking a hot shower. He is usually a good sport about it, because he knows he will get his revenge.

People always complain about getting older and many women like to joke about being in their 20’s when they are usually in their 50’s. If you ask me 22 is that turning point where becoming a year older is no longer exciting with the exception of the gifts, cake, drinks or party that comes with it. We all want to stay young. I look at it from the perspective of whether I’m where I want to be at that stage of my life. I always have my eyes on the horizon, I’m constantly thinking about what I want to accomplish before I turn another year older. Last year, I was bummed about turning another year older due to being unemployed and feeling financially stuck. Nonetheless, it was my first birthday in our new house and I had a lot of other things to be thankful for. Turning another year older is great when you can look back without regret or disappointment.

Age is just a number. You can always stay young at heart. Here is a perfect example. I recently started attending a free Zumba class. Have you tried it? It’s pretty fun. My class has people of all ages, but one lady stood out and I could not help but watch her dance. Every week she is smiling more than anyone else, she seems to be having twice as much fun as everyone else and is bouncing and dancing with more energy than almost everyone else in the room. She is around 65 years old and recently completed a half marathon. Obviously she is in excellent shape, but she also looks great for her age. I could not help to notice how fashionable she was dressed wearing a Victoria Secret Pink shirt and sweatpants. I don’t normally think of old people as cute, but she is cute. I had a conversation with her recently and found her to be extremely nice and easy to talk to as well. I can’t help but smile when I see her, due to her contagious energy and charisma. She seems so content with life and herself. She has the energy and excitement of a young person.

She is my ideal version of myself 40 years from now. In 40 years from now I want to be just as happy, just as friendly, in great shape with loads of energy and still be dressing stylish. How about you?

Before starting this blog I had to listen to the song “Forever Young” by Rod Steward. It’s an older song that I actually quite enjoy. It makes me happy whenever I hear it. It makes me want to be young and spirited. Although he is singing about his kids, the song has a great message. You can listen to it here.

What does it mean to you to be forever young?


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