Creating a Path to All New Heights

Do you feel like you’re continuously growing as a person? Are you always learning and evolving into the best version of yourself? Are you happy?

I personally feel like I’m continuously growing as a person and evolving more into the ideal version of myself. I’m a fairly happy person, but I spend a lot of time worrying about money and security. I spend a lot of time thinking about all the things I want, but I can’t afford at this point in my life.

However, I strongly believe if I’m continuously learning new things in life and approaching life with a positive view I will consistently build a path upward and find myself climbing to all new heights. More and more opportunities will arise for me as I commit to a Imagepath of learning, while also sending off a wave of positive energy wherever I may go.

Fear controls so much of our lives, without us even realizing it. I almost gave into fear last night when mapping out how to get to a location I’ve never been to. You should know I’m extremely directionally challenged. I can’t follow directions and worry about getting lost, having to call my husband and then being late somewhere. I print off directions and follow GPS’s and still fail to find the place I’m headed to 50% of the time. Sometimes, I feel like I shouldn’t even bother.

When I nipped fear in the butt and attended a huge networking event in the big city it paid off with valuable contacts who willingly gave me helpful advice on my job search. When I did sales for my school newspaper and was fearful of talking to people by phone and in person I developed new skills. My communication skills grew stronger which helped me to not only get jobs, but feel more confident in myself and my abilities.

It’s important to step outside your comfort zone every so often as scary as that might be.  You never know what may await you outside of that cozy space that we tend to not want to leave. At some point you need to take the plunge. You need to dive into an activity that you may not necessarily enjoy, because it will be beneficial to you in the future.

You’ve probably heard many times before: “without risk, there is no reward.” A common theme captured in most articles about entrepreneur’s and business successes. Yet, there’s many things we can do that were either afraid of or too lazy to do that might help us to grow as an individual. When I stepped outside of my comfort zone to attend that networking event, the only thing I risked was wasting my time. Even if I embarrassed myself (which I did at some point), most people I will probably never see again in my life anyway.

Whenever I sit and ponder over something I don’t understand or simply wonder about something I make sure to Google it. Any opportunity to learn something new and interesting is an opportunity I’m interested in pursuing.

Since there’s no job security anymore, the only thing I have to cling onto is my skills and my knowledge base. So I strive to continuously learn new things inside and outside of work. I’m continuously reading books and articles that help me to grow as a person or see different aspects of life in an entirely new way. With that and the confidence I have developed in myself and my determination to do what is necessary to be successful, I see myself moving on a path upwards and forwards as opposed to in circles.

Commit to continuously learning, do something outside of your comfort zone and don’t let fear hold you back. Start climbing upwards, you never know what new heights (what new opportunities) may await you in the future.


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