Do You Believe in Destiny?

I believe that certain things happen in our life that we have no control over, and they are part of destiny’s plans for us. Being somewhere at the right moment in time is the result of an unseen force in the universe.

I became a strong believer in destiny after I met my husband (which you can read about in my last post: “Eternal Love: Dreams Do Come True”). I have believed in destiny for quite some time, but it wasn’t till recently I really understood the power of it. Netherlands

My husband and I are not just two compatible people that met and fell in love against all odds. We are two people that are meant to be together based on the characteristics of our personalities. I recently learned what it meant to be an INFJ personality type. I’m less than 1% of the population. My husband is an INTJ, which is rare and only 2% of the population. With 3 traits in common are personalities are sure to be a great match. However, both our personality types are known for struggling in romantic relationships. Yet, we get along so flawlessly with one another.

Even with a lot in common I was shocked to find in written text that we are a very strong match as the intuitive connection between INFJ and INTJ is likely to be instantaneous. When my husband before even meeting me saw me for the first time and ran into a table, it was a result of instantaneous destiny taking shape.

We are both introverts that dream of the future and search for meaningful careers. I read from another person’s blog: “INFJs and INTJs are wired to be agents of change.”

I was also fascinated to find out we are a compatible pair after taking this fun little quiz online: Which Disney Royalty Are You Most Like? I’m Ariel and my husband is Eric, the couple from the Little Mermaid. We both swear that we didn’t cheat. We even match our descriptions quite well.

Here are the descriptions from the quiz we took:

Princess Ariel: Friendly, spontaneous and sometimes your curiosity can get you in a little trouble! You have a bit of a rebellious side to you especially when your dreams are involved! You will make a wonderful and fun wife because you will always be a child at heart! Although brave you have a big soft spot for love and are a strong believer in love at first sight! You would go to any lengths for true love and happiness no matter what it may take. Be proud to be one of the most courageous Disney Princesses Disney ever set pencil to 🙂

Prince Eric: You can be a bit stubborn at times but totally lovable. You love the open water and fishing…and pretty much all the rugged manly stuff! You’re very charming and your smile brightens up a room! Aside from your toughness you are a helpless romantic and once you see something you like, you will stop at nothing to get it…once you have it, you will stop at nothing to keep it. Be proud of being one of the most handsome, well rounded Princes that Disney ever set pencil to 🙂

So, do you believe in destiny?


3 thoughts on “Do You Believe in Destiny?

  1. I think destiny is real. I’m an INFJ and I hope my future partner is an INTJ so I’m glad to see the match worked out for you! I’ve only dated ENFJs and ESTPs and THAT DOESN’T WORK. Lol


    • Yeah, I could never be with an ENFJ or ESTP. My Mom is one of the most extroverted people I’ve ever met in my life and that was very difficult to live with. She had no respect for my space and didn’t understand the concept of spending time alone.


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