Always and Forever There For Me

Life is challenging and life alone is nearly impossible. It’s the people in your life that make life worth living. I’ve been blessed with many good friends and family and I realize that, but this isn’t about all of them.

This is about the people who know almost everything about me and love me regardless of all my flaws. They never judge me for anything I say or do. They know who I truly am. I can say anything to them and I know they will still feel the same about me. I know they will be there for me even it feels like the whole world has turned against me.

I have many people who care deeply about me, but only two who truly know me. I wish there was more, but I’m grateful for the two I have. These two people know about my blog and I don’t mind them reading all my posts. They know all about my past and how I’ve struggled through accepting myself and loving who I am. They know me on a much deeper level than the rest of the world.

These two people are my husband and a friend I met back in the 1st grade. My best friend who I’ve known for 20 some years helped me to realize what true friendship was. We weren’t always best friends and our friendship hasn’t always been easy. We fought and struggled through some difficult situations, but we always managed to put the past behind us.

When my other friends turned into bullies and targeted me, she stood by my side. When we made new friends in Middle School and High School we hung out with all the same people. Then, we ended up going to the same college and I’m not sure how I would of survived being away from home without her. But, we made the mistake of living together. It almost destroyed our relationship, but in the long run it strengthened it. We made friends with a lot of the same people and most of the friendships didn’t last. But, our friendship did. When I was a mess after breaking up with a guy I dated for two years she was one of the only people who didn’t give me a hard time for continuously whining and being in a constant state of sadness.

We’re both shy and can be socially awkward and super sensitive. No one else I know understands me the way she does. I’m not afraid to tell her anything. She listens to me complain and will talk about my problems with me. She doesn’t create unnecessary drama between us in the way that some girls do. We can hang out and do nothing and still have fun. We come up with crazy, fun ideas together, and were both always willing to try new things.

I miss her!

She’s moved to another state and has been gone for over two years, I barely see her but were still best friends. We still talk for hours on the phone and share anything and everything over the phone. I care about her like I care about my family and I hate that I can’t be there for her when she needs a best friend.  I hate that I can’t be there for her when she’s lonely and she can’t be there for me when I’m lonely. Someday I will have more money and then I will make an effort to visit her at least once a year. Maybe someday I will have two homes and one will be where she is.  A friend like her is impossible to replace.

Do you have relationships similar to what I have with my best friend?


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