Who Am I?

Who am I? Such a difficult question. It’s a question with an answer that will most likely change throughout my life journey.

I’m an artist, a writer, a friend and a wife. These things I’m certain of. My personality is creative, emotional, sensitive, caring, honest, determined, committed, adventurous and futuristic among other thingsImage

I’m in my mid to late 20’s and I live in the United States. You can refer to me as Jen. I won’t disclose my full name because I’m a private person and a lot of people in my life think they really know me, but don’t. Being an INFJ personality type, introvert and highly sensitive person, doesn’t exactly make life easy for me. I can hide a lot of these traits pretty well though since I’ve had years of practice. However, when it comes down to finding a job and impressing strangers for a job interview my skills are lacking. Even worse is finding a job that pays well and allows me to be creative and emotionally connect with my work. I’m continuously searching for meaning in my life and an opportunity to make a significant contribution to this world.

I have been unemployed for over 6 months. But, I just recently landed a part time position. I have a lot of determination, but due to the economy competition for a job has been tough. Since I’ve graduated from college I have gone from one job to the next without the time to figure out what I really want.

I graduated with a degree in Business and a concentration in Marketing and Advertising. People tell me all the time how tough it is to find a job in marketing. However, it’s better than my former career choice to be an industrial designer which I thought was a chance to be an inventor of sorts. Honestly, I would have been a starving artist. It would have been smarter for me to pursue a career in graphic design, if anything in art. I thought about majoring in writing but I thought a position in creative writing would be tough to find. Marketing allows me to be creative and use my skills in writing. Marketing is also an opportunity for me to do a multitude of tasks which I absolutely NEED because I’m easily bored.

It’s challenging for me to find a position because I feel like I need a product or service I can connect with emotionally. I want to create marketing that has an emotional impact on a person (laughter, sadness, anger, joy…). I think my ultimate goal is to work for a nonprofit. But, I’ve also found an interest in freelance writing. Now that I’m at least working part time I have time to consider whether I want to do consulting, freelance writing or obtain another part time position.

I’ve learned more being unemployed than I have in my last two jobs combined. It’s made a huge difference on how I view things. It’s helped me to figure out what I want to do and has helped me to continuously move forward in my life. My next post will be about my experiences and all the things I have learned being unemployed.


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