Finding Peace in a Crowded World

I walk out my door and down two flights of stairs and walk not even a mile before I come across a hidden entrance with a small trail leading into my sanctuary of peace. I look up at the trees towering over me and I feel a sense of calmness come over me. It does not matter what’s happening in my life or what problems I’m faced with because at this very moment I’m one with nature.

ImageThree trails lay out in front of me and the choice is mine on what path to take. I take the path leading to a secret trail known to very few people. No one is around and the only sounds I hear are nature. I can see for miles nothing but trees, grass and the dirt trail in front of me. I follow the path for quite some time until it splits and I take again the path less traveled. I follow it to an opening and I’m standing on a hill top looking out at the lake. The scenery is breath taking and I feel like it’s all mine because I’m completely alone. I’m alone with my thoughts and I’m alone with nature. I feel complete tranquility.

I leave all my worries behind and for just this short time I’m at peace with the world and completely satisfied with myself. I soak up the sun and allow myself to completely relax. The air is warm, I’m alone but don’t feel lonely and I have the strength to hike for miles. I’m surrounded by the beauty of nature and for a moment I feel I’m in utopia.

At some point I realize I have to go back. But, there’s always tomorrow and I hope for yet another warm and beautiful day. My sanctuary of peace is right in my backyard, not even a mile away.

The picture on my background is a picture I took from those hiking trails. I have been on a few other hiking trails, but none of them made me feel the same way. I’m not sure if it’s because they were right in my backyard or because of their lakes, secret trails or lack of tourists. Perhaps it was because I felt that they were mine and that I knew my way around them better than anyone else.

I have moved since then and it’s been a year since I have gone back there. I miss them. I’m thinking of them now because I can’t think of a more perfect place to sit down and write. Its winter now and it’s been snowing heavily. I feel a bit empty inside because I love being outside. But, I hate the cold and lately the temperatures have been below zero. I go for walks around my neighborhood but it’s not the same; the noisy cars, the people, the lack of change in the scenery and uninteresting paths to take. There’s nothing better than my trails.

I will go back there though, after the snow melts and it’s warm again. I anxiously await the opportunity to be one with nature once again. 

Do you have a peaceful place where you go to be alone? Sometimes I wished I lived some place warmer where I could walk to a secluded beach and sit in the sand and watch the sunset. 



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