Being Happy With Your Physical Appearance

I’m happy with the way I look even though there’s things I would change if I could. I know what things I have control over and what things I don’t. I accept the fact that I have short legs, kind of big ears and dark eyes. I can wear heels to look and feel taller, use my hair to cover my ears and use makeup to lighten my eyes.

When I was a kid I hated my hair because it was stick thin and my big ears would pop out, because I couldn’t hide them and I was picked on. Then, I got a perm and I looked absolutely ridiculous. Finally my hair got thicker and I got smarter. I started taking showers in the morning, because I realized my hair got greasy at night. I also started layering my hair and using hair mousse.

When I was in high school I often wished I was thinner, because all my closest friends were thinner than me. I look back at the photos of me and I have to laugh at myself for thinking that way. I was stick thin back then and the only reason I did not think so was because I hung out with people with extremely high metabolisms. They don’t easily gain weight and don’t have the curves I do. I was also involved in sports  so I was definitely in great shape.

Once I went to college I started eating worse, working out rarely and stressing more often. I gained a bunch of weight and did not even realize it. By the time I figured it out I just felt stuck. I had so many responsibilities and no time to work out or money to eat healthy. When I was home my parents would comment on how I gained weight. Thinking somehow that would help! Once I graduated and moved back home I was angry with myself. That year I bought the treadmill I wanted since middle school. But, I still could not lose weight. Finally I moved out and later signed up for weight watchers. With less stress, a treadmill, hiking trails and the time and money to eat healthy I was able to lose weight.

What I have found is there are 4 things you need to lose weight: Time, Motivation, Resources and Knowledge. I have found with just one thing missing from this equation it’s almost impossible to lose weight. The resources are healthy food and any items you need for your workout. For me Weight Watchers was a resource I needed. I was only a member for a month or two and then I took everything I needed from it and continued it without paying. I learned four very important things about myself when trying to lose weight: I love eating a variety of foods and can’t stand restrictions, I eat unhealthy when I’m stressed, I lose weight evenly throughout my body and I’m easily bored by workouts. Knowing I hate being restricted and with Weight Watchers I did not have to give up and foods was the knowledge I needed. It also pushed me to be more active because I knew I could eat more unhealthy food if I worked out. I also learned to eat less. To keep myself from getting bored I work out on my treadmill and watch TV and hike so I have beautiful scenery to look at.

I still want to lose weight, but 90% of the time I’m actually really happy with my body so the key ingredient of motivation is not really there. But, I have the resources, time and knowledge of what works best for me. I have curves and I have learned to love them. I’m healthy, I’m not over weight and I have pretty much a flat stomach. I like the fact that I lose weight evenly throughout my body.

Most importantly I don’t care what anyone thinks! I don’t want to hear what people think of my body, unless it’s my husband telling me I look beautiful. I don’t need or want people to tell me “oh I see you lost weight.” I almost take that as an insult. “Oh, I’m sorry was there something wrong with my body before I lost all this weight?” and then you hear people say “you look anorexic” or “your fat.” I’m sorry, if I’m hurting your vision why don’t you just turn around and walk the other way? Because, guess what? I’m not going to change based on what someone else says. I’m going to lose weight for myself and if I haven’t done it yet, it’s because I either lack the resources, the knowledge of how to, the time or maybe the motivation. Perhaps I think I look beautiful just the way I am. Also, when you call someone anorexic, they might be dealing with a health issue that they’re well aware of.

Whether you’re happy or unhappy with your body, you should not comment on what’s wrong with others. You should not compare yourself to others and you should not assume that what works for someone else will work for you. Gain the knowledge on what will work for you and get the resources you need. If you’re motivated then you should be able to find time even if it’s just a 30 minute walk every day.

I think the only time when it’s appropriate to comment on someone else’s body is when they straight out ask for your opinion or your close to them and sincerely worried about their health. Even then there’s better ways to go about it.

I want to lose a bit more weight, but I don’t want to be stick thin, I like my curves. But, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my body when I was stick thin or my friend’s bodies who have high metabolisms. We just have to be happy with ourselves and find people who like us the way we are.

I don’t need society’s approval on the way I look and either do you! I love to wear makeup every day and put on jewelry. On days I don’t I almost feel a bit lazy and have a lower self-esteem. I just feel confident and happier when I feel pretty on the outside. That’s not the same for everyone. Some might feel prettier without makeup. But, for me I do what makes me feel good. But, sometimes dress up extra nice for my husband.

Embrace that your beautiful in your own special way and don’t listen to what others have to say. If your not happy with yourself make a change. But, look in the mirror and find some beauty in yourself. I’m sure there’s some things you wouldn’t want to change.


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