Valentine’s Day: More than a “Hallmark Holiday!”

ImageYou may view Valentines’ Day as just a “hallmark holiday” as many do; or maybe you’re like me and love to celebrate love. Even if you’re single and you don’t want to be you must still have love in your life. You must have some friends or family members you love or pets that show you unconditional love. You can share the holiday with them or you can share the holiday with people who have no one. Take part in a charitable event or visit a nursing home. Delight in the fact that you have people who love you!

Remember when you were a kid and you would pick out your favorite cartoon or Disney movie Valentine cards (at least for my generation)?  It was fun even when you had to give Valentine’s out to the kids you didn’t particularly like. I was always super excited to read my Valentine’s! I remember one year we had to write down something we liked about everyone in our class and that was hard. But, it made everyone incredibly happy. I mean how often do you get the many compliments in a day?

Why make Valentine’s Day about the love you don’t have in your life? When you can embrace the love you do have. Don’t we all love compliments, gifts and the feeling of knowing someone cares’?

Back in college I had one of those Valentine’s Days that was right after a big break up with a guy that I had been dating for a couple years where I was all sad and whiny. My best friend was single and upset over a break up and we decided to have an “I Hate Valentine’s Day Party” in our dorm room. It actually ended up just being the two of us and we were drinking. Looking back on it, we did celebrate the day it’s not like we ignored it. We had each other and we mourned together and that’s what we needed. That’s what love is about having someone who cares about you and being able to share in the same feelings. I’m glad we didn’t ignore the holiday. But, looking back on it I’m not proud of looking at in a hateful way.

As you might know from my previous post I’m married and it’s just the two of us and our kitty. As a young married couple with no kids we tend to make a big deal when Valentines’ Day comes around. I know some people see it as annoying having to buy gifts to show how much you love one another. I’ve also heard people say “Why do we need Valentine’s Day? Shouldn’t we be showing how much we love our significant other every day of the year?” and the answer is yes! But, if you ask me the person saying that is usually the person who isn’t! Correct me if I’m wrong on this.

If you have this perspective you are missing the point of Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is not about gifts and if you feel pressured to buy expensive gifts then I do feel sorry for you. I personally love spending money on my husband and spoiling him. I love that holidays give me an excuse to do so. But, we don’t buy expensive gifts. I tell him each year to make me something because I will appreciate that even more. That requires time and creativity and makes the holiday more fun! This year his present to me was a really great massage in front of the fireplace with spa music, spa oils and heated stones and it lasted about an hour. I loved it.

Let’s be realistic. How often do we stop and reminisce about when we first fell in love and how awesome it was? If you’re a young couple probably more frequently, but if you’ve been married for 25 years probably not much. Our anniversaries and Valentine’s Day is that time to look back. It’s that time to pull out an old photo album, look at cards or share and laugh about memories from the past. We might kiss and hug our significant others every day and exchange multiple “I love you’s.” But, a lot of times things just become routine and we don’t think about how truly lucky we are. I can tell you my husband and I talk about how lucky we are quite frequently, but we still appreciate showing it through romantic gestures on Valentine’s Day.

If you found love then you should cherish it and remember what it was like to find that person. Remember how life was before you had them in your life. Embrace Valentine’s Day and LOVE every day of the year!

I also encourage you to read the history of Valentine’s Day if you haven’t in the past:’s_Day

I encourage you to comment. Share your perspective on Valentine’s Day.


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