First Impression? or First & Last Impression?

I’m not the person you think I am upon first meeting me.

I’m not good with 1st impressions in any aspect of my life. When people meet me they think they can see right through me or I just confuse them enough that they don’t want to bother. I’m a very complex person and have a rather unique personality. I’m also quite unpredictable, which is something I enjoy about myself and do not wish to change.

I don’t have a large group of friends and it can be difficult for me to make new friends. Which is rough sometimes, but usually I don’t really care. It does upset me however when people are quick to judge me and not quick to get to know me. I have a great deal of self-confidence and love to joke and laugh and try all sorts of new things. I’m not a shy or quiet person once you know me.

When my husband first met me he thought I was shy, quiet and innocent. Somewhat of a girly girl and he was completely wrong! After he took the time to get to know me he realized I’m loud, not afraid to speak my mind, adventurous and unpredictable. But, still a girly girl but just as much a tom-boy. He was surprised! And liked me even more once he realized I wasn’t the girl he initially thought I was.

The thing with 1st impressions is they are usually not accurate, but people rely on them anyway. I’m the type of person you’re not going to get to really know unless you try. I only open up to my closest friends and family. But, it’s not that I don’t make the effort. I always make an effort to get to know people and let them get to know me.

No matter what my first impression of someone is I always remind myself to not make it the last impression. They always get a second chance and I always try to find common ground. You never know who you’ll meet and you’ll never know who they are unless you make the effort to find out.

In society you are expected to make good 1st impressions and if you’re not good at it you have to learn, because it’s the only way to succeed in a job interview. It’s the only way to move up in many scenarios in life.

Just because society won’t accept me the way I am: doesn’t mean I’ll change. I can only adapt to the way things are. I don’t want be anyone else. I am who I am and that’s who I want to be.

What do people think about you when they first meet you? Is it accurate? or who are you really?


One thought on “First Impression? or First & Last Impression?

  1. if you are not true to yourself… who can you be true to. it is very hard sometimes in life to be the odd- one out or the one who is not traditionally what people view as the norm – but I would not have it any other way. so I have less friends…but they are true and loyal throughout… so i look at the world a bit differently and with a different set of eyes, does that make it wrong… no it makes you unique and special…and not a follower… let everyone else adjust to you. stay true to who you are, you and i and countless others are this way for a reason… to create/inspire and break the mold in whatever path we choose. first impressions are over rated and another norm that society has shoved down are throats!


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