Why I write? Embracing Your Strengths and Your Passions!

This is my first blog post, but it won’t be my last. I told myself I would start a blog about 6 months ago. But, then I kept thinking would anyone want to read it? Would what I’m saying resonate with anyone? Then, I joined a networking group and volunteered to write the weekly newsletter because I thought it would be fun and I could add it to my portfolio. Unexpectedly people were impressed with my writing. I even met someone who installed the confidence in me that I was in fact a talented writer. He even wanted me to ghost write a book for him, but that’s another story. More important then that he gave me a solid idea of what I could focus my blog around and believed that people would read it. I then had no more excuses not to write.

I have so many ideas in my head, thoughts and stories to share that I think you might be able to relate to. My stories are about life challenges and following your dreams, but I’m not a psychology major and won’t be giving out that type of advice. Instead I offer encouragement.

I’m driven everyday by my emotions and you will also learn that I’m a highly sensitive person, an introvert and in the past shy. These are traits I’ve been taught to run from and have fought and even down right hated myself for them. Why? Because of the way our society is. Life is easier being an outgoing extrovert personality type and people are more accepting of you. But, these traits make me who I am. I can’t change! Why would I want to? They make me a creative person and someone with passion, determination and bold dreams. I can’t say I’ve come to love these things about me but I’ve learned to accept them and search for a way to embrace them. They have led me to create this blog, because it gives me a chance to release and share my frustrations, passion, fears, my successes, failures and dreams for the future.

If you ever feel insecure, lost or trapped then I hope I can tell you that you’re not alone. I hope you can see that you are capable of many great things. I strive to make a difference in my life in some way shape or form. Whether it’s through this blog or through other means I will find a way. I will keep writing, because I know I’m meant to and it’s a feeling inside of me that I can’t ignore. If you too have something you feel you are meant to be doing, find some way to make it happen. Embrace it. You don’t have to rush into it right away, but find a way and create a plan to make it happen. I think you owe that to yourself. I think we all owe it to ourselves to find something were passionate about, find meaning in our lives and be able to wake up in the morning excited to start the day.

I have many more blog ideas and tons of things to share. I thank you in advance if you choose to follow my blog and I encourage you to write comments. I plan to have a new blog post up next week.